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3 Things to Know When Visiting Disney Springs

3 Things to Know When Visiting Disney Springs

The former “Downtown Disney” has seen a major makeover over the past year. Now officially rebirthed as “Disney Springs”, this spot has been revived with new restaurants, shopping and bars with plenty of other openings still on the way. There seems to have been a very positive reaction to the renovations with more and more guests flocking to the area now. If you’ve never been to this free Disney spot or if it’s been awhile, we want to share some tips for getting the most out of your visit!

1. Choose The Time You Visit Carefully

Mornings offer the most reprieve from the crowds, which can be a huge benefit depending on the time of year. Also, you generally experience lower temperatures than the rest of the day, which is always a blessing in sunny Florida.

However, evenings bring a nicer atmosphere with lights and decorations as well as access to some free entertainment.

2. Plan Ahead for Dining

With all of the great new restaurants at Disney Springs, it’s helpful to scope out the options beforehand. It’s also highly recommended to arrange reservations whenever possible, especially if you’ll be going in the evening or on a weekend. The newer the restaurant, the more crowded it’s likely to be. If your schedule is flexible, we’d recommend going at an off-peak time such as on a weekday or around lunch to avoid long wait times.

3. Plan to Walk

You’ll definitely be doing a lot of walking while exploring Disney Springs, so be sure to dress appropriately. Also, there are a lot of shady spots and indoor areas, but a lot of the walking will be in the sun. So, theme park guidelines definitely apply here. Stay hydrated, wear sunscreen and wear comfortable shoes and attire.

Some area may still be under construction as new restaurants and shops continue to open. Be mindful of that when planning your visit, and try to plan which shops and restaurants you’d like to visit ahead of time.

The newly unveiled Disney Springs has been revitalized with a fresh new image and lots of wonderful spots to dine and shop. With no admission charges, the exception being Characters in Flight, a visit to Disney Springs during your vacation is a fantastic value.

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