• Monday, October 19, 2020
4 Ways To Save Money on Your Disney Vacation

4 Ways To Save Money on Your Disney Vacation

Vacation season is quickly approaching, but what if you could save money on your next theme park vacation? For those of you planning your next Disney World vacation, or even if you’ve got one coming up this summer, we are here to help you get the most out of your vacation dollars with these money-saving tips.

1. Plan your vacation during the low season. Although it’s probably beneficial to go during the summer when the kids are out of school, families can typically save hundreds of dollars if they plan their vacation during the low season, typically occurring from August to January. Prices can reach upwards of over $200 a night during the summer, but booking a hotel for the low season can cost you around $80-$100 a night depending on where you stay.

2. Bring or make your own meals. With snacks and entrees costing upwards of $15 each at quick service restaurants in the parks, you may just be able to save on a couple meals by bringing snacks of your own. Typically, the most money you spend at the parks  besides the tickets themselves are on food and drinks. Freeze some bottles of water to bring along with you during those hot summer days. When you reach the park and need a drink of water, you can skip the vendors and go for a cold water.

3. Skip the souvenirs. Or, look at shops outside of Disney, near the parks, where you can find almost the same souvenirs for less. These shops typically sell all kinds of authorized themed Disney merchandise without the theme park cost so you can save money, and still get yourself a gift. If you prefer to collect moments and not things, you’ll save on souvenir buying altogether.

4. Buy Multi-Day Park Tickets. Discounted single-day tickets simply don’t exist, no matter who you ask. However, the more days you purchase, the less you can pay per day. Disney tickets can cost $100+ for one day, but if you buy park hopper tickets or multi-day tickets, you can save upwards of nearly $50 per ticket or per day. You can purchase discounted Disney tickets, as well as other Orlando attraction tickets at https://www.blog.tickets2you.com.


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