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  • Saturday, August 8, 2020
5 Major Changes Coming to Mission: Space

5 Major Changes Coming to Mission: Space

After months of refurbishments, Mission: Space is officially reopening on August 13th at Epcot. The 14-year-old ride has undergone several changes during its closure. Here are a few things to know about the new and improved space adventure.

  1. The attraction’s makeover extends from the actual ride technology to updated signage at the entrance. The new signs give an overview of both missions, including their height requirements and motion sickness warnings. The new Mission: Space marquee hints at  the updated missions by depicting both Mars and Earth.
  2. The pre-ride video is brand new, and one of the most notable changes is that Gary Sinise is no longer captain of the mission. The actor was replaced by actress Gina Torres who will offer ride instructions and safety announcements
  3. The family-friendly Green Mission is now Mission: Space – Earth. Riders travel around Earth passing over beautiful locations like Hawaii, Italy, and The Northern Lights before landing back at Kennedy Space Center in Florida
  4. Mission Space – Earth also has new X-2 booster seats for riders 40 – 44 in, lowering the minimum from 44″ to 40″.
  5. The more intense Orange Mission, now called Mission Space: Mars has also been revamped. While the location of the mission remains the same, the ride video has been upgraded to crystal clear HD video, providing a more realistic experience.

Along with the long-awaited reopening of Mission: Space on Sunday comes the official last day of operation on Universe of Energy at Epcot and The Great Movie Ride at Hollywood Studios. Grab your discounted Disney World tickets from now and don’t miss any of the action this weekend!

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