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Vintage Disney: The Monster Sound Show

Vintage Disney: The Monster Sound Show

When Disney-MGM Studios opened on May 1, 1989, it was home to six exciting attractions inspired by the entertainment industry. 31 years and a name change later, many new attractions have appeared and some of the older ones have been updated or replaced altogether. One opening day experience in particular has had a crazy evolution over the years at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Keep reading to find out how The Monster Sound Show became Mickey Shorts Theater!

The Monster Sound Show

When Disney MGM (now Disney’s Hollywood Studios) officially opened on May 1, 1989, one of its primary attractions was The Monster Sound Show. The comedy show, featuring Martin Short and Chevy Chase, showed guests how film and television sound effects were created.

During the preshow (a video hosted by David Letterman), four guests in line were chosen to participate in the show as wildly unqualified foley artists trying to work the sound equipment. The selected audience members made a not-so-great soundtrack for a horror-comedy show starring Martin Short and Chevy Chase. During the show, the story of a butler (Martin Short) trying to kill and insurance agent (Chevy Chase) was hilariously soundtracked by the previously created track.

The post-show experience was called Soundworks, which allowed guests to take a closer look at how visuals were synced to sounds with interactive experiments. The Monster Sound Show officially came to a close on June 30, 1997.

One Saturday Morning Sound Show

On July 1, 1997, The Monster Sound Show became the One Saturday Morning Sound Show. The concept of the attraction was basically the same, but the content was changed to revolve around ABC’s Saturday Morning cartoon series in an effort to entertain younger park guests as well. During this time, a total of seven guests (usually kids) were able to participate in the show by adding various sound effects to a 45-second clip from 101 Dalmations: The Series.

When the One Saturday Morning Show took over, the theater was renamed the ABC Sound Studio. The kid-friendly attraction closed on February 20, 1999, as the park’s focus started to become more movie-centric.

Sounds Dangerous!

The ABC Sound Studio became the home of an all-new show on April 22, 1999. Sounds Dangerous! was a 12-minute show starring Drew Carey as an undercover detective on a live reality show.

Inside the theater, guests would find a pair of headphones at their seats to be worn during the show. A short video played to explain that the audience was watching a taping Undercover Live, the reality show starring police detective Charlie Foster (Drew Carey). As he prepared to go undercover Charlie Foster damaged the camera he was trying to hide in his tie and the theater went completely dark.

For the rest of the show, guests could only follow what was happening with sound effects that played in their headphones while they sat in total darkness. After a series of mishaps that were soundtracked by noises like someone getting a haircut and killer bees buzzing around, Foster finally solved the crime and the video was restored.

When exiting the theater, guests moved into a new and improved Sound Works experience. Interactive kiosks and private sound booths allowed people to add sound effects to movie clips or be a voice actor for a classic Disney animation. In 2009, Sounds Dangerous! became a seasonal attraction, only operating on peak days until 2012, when it closed altogether.

Carbon Freeze Me

In 2012, Sounds Dangerous! became a limited-time experience called Carbon Freeze Me. The unique attraction debuted during Star Wars Weekend and allowed guests to relive an iconic scene from The Empire Strikes Back. Using incredible imaging technology, guests were able to get a 3D figurine of themselves stuck inside the Carbon Freezing Chamber. The building was also used as a sign-up area for various interactive activities like Jedi Training Academy. Carbon Freeze Me ran seasonally through 2015.

Star Wars: Path of the Jedi

After Carbon Freeze Me closed, the space became home to a more permanent attraction called Star Wars: Path of the Jedi. Inside the theater, guests could watch a 10-minute sizzle reel for the Star Wars franchise that highlighted all of the most iconic moments from the series. It is closed on December 31, 2018.

Later this year, the theater will officially become the Mickey Shorts Theater, a whimsical attraction that is inspired by the Disney Channel cartoon series! Guests will be able to watch a wacky original cartoon short and enjoy special photo locations in the theater when it opens in March.

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