• Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Disney’s Hollywood Studios to Get Another Name Change

Disney’s Hollywood Studios to Get Another Name Change

The magical Mickey sorcerer’s hat recently vanished from Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World® Resort and soon to join the disappearing act will be the Hollywood Studios name. The name change was accidentally announced at a shareholder’s meeting. This park title transformation comes seven years after the last name change in 2008 when the park name changed from MGM Studios to Hollywood Studios.

The iconic movie-themed resort is undergoing attraction changes, renovations and additions. Classic rides, like The Great Movie Ride® and Toy Story Midway Mania®, are receiving revamps and additional tracks. Other attractions including American Idol Experience® and the Studio Backlot Tour® have recently closed to make room for what fans and bloggers are hoping is a new Star Wars® section of the park.

Rumors about Pixar-inspired rides are arising including a rumor about the addition of a Toy Story ride and the creation of a Cars ride. No matter what Walt Disney World® Orlando chooses, it’s just the start of more magical attractions and areas to come.


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