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Eating Allergy-Free at Walt Disney World Part 1: What You Need To Know

Eating Allergy-Free at Walt Disney World Part 1: What You Need To Know

Did you know that Walt Disney World is one of the best places to vacation if you have food allergies? Thanks to their commitment to offering a wide range of culinary and dietary options, Disney not only offers a variety of allergen-free foods, but they can also accommodate lifestyle requests as well, including low-sodium, no-sugar-added, and vegetarian requests. Choosing a restaurant based on your food allergy or intolerance no matter where you go isn’t always easy, and can often include checking and double-checking ingredients in your food, and consulting with the wait staff and sometimes even the chefs. Not all restaurants are equally allergy-friendly, but in our blog series about eating allergy-free at Walt Disney World, we’re here to help you dine with confidence knowing that your food is prepared and handled with allergy-free ingredients. Before you head to the parks, here are several things to keep in mind when you dine at the most Magical Place on Earth.

Allergen-Friendly Menus

Just within the last year, Walt Disney World Resorts began introducing new allergy-friendly menus at approximately 120 quick-service and table-service restaurants, which provide more readily available options for guests who have special dietary requests. These special menus feature allergen information for each menu item so that choosing a dish is much easier. From appetizers to kids’ meals, the menu selection focuses on the most common allergens including gluten/wheat, peanut, milk, fish, and tree nut allergens. A sample menu can be seen here!

Participating Restaurants

With the addition of the new allergy-friendly menus, you can find a variety of culinary options that can meet your dietary needs at many Disney’s restaurants:

  • Quick Service Restaurants: A variety of quick-service food stops offer menus and meal options for guests with food allergies. It’s important to indicate any allergies or intolerances to a Cast Member upon arrival at any quick service dining location to ensure that there aren’t any allergens present in whatever you may be interested in ordering.
  • Table Service Restaurants: A wide range of table-service restaurants are able to provide guests with a menu outlining alternate meal options. Guests are encouraged to speak with their server about their dietary restrictions, and in some cases, guests can consult with a chef or Cast Member trained in special diets before placing their order to ensure their meal is allergen-free.
  • Buffets: There is not always a guarantee that dietary restrictions can be met at a buffet, but guests can ask to speak with a chef or manager upon arrival to discuss any food allergies or intolerances that may be present, and what can be eaten based on the guests’ requirements.


If you’re booking reservations at a Walt Disney World restaurant, you can indicate allergies and intolerances at the time of booking, whether you book online or over the phone. Indicating your special dietary requests beforehand means that Disney can quickly provide information and alternate dining options upon your arrival to the restaurant. If you need more information and have questions that aren’t answered online or need specific information regarding special dietary needs, guests can also contact Walt Disney World Resort Special Diets at Special.Diets@DisneyWorld.com.

Kosher & Halal Foods

Both Kosher and Halal meals can be accommodated at select restaurants, and it is recommended that guests request these dietary needs 24 hours in advance when calling (407) WDW-DINE or (407) 939-3463 if they are making reservations.


Guests should keep in mind that while Cast Members use reasonable effort to prevent the introduction of allergens into your food during sourcing, preparation or handling, it is ultimately up to the guest whether to order any particular items. In some cases, allergens may have been introduced during another stage of the process, or even inadvertently during preparation, as Disney does not have separate kitchens to prepare allergen-free items.

Food allergy menus are not always guaranteed, but we are here to help you plan your vacation so you can dine allergy-free. Is your intolerance gluten? Maybe you can’t eat dairy, or perhaps you’re allergic to tree nuts. Find out which Walt Disney World restaurants and dining locations offer allergy-friendly dishes in one of our allergen guides below:

  • Peanuts
  • Gluten/Wheat
  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Soy
  • Tree Nuts
  • Fish/Shellfish

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