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A Guide to The 2019 Epcot International Festival of the Arts!

A Guide to The 2019 Epcot International Festival of the Arts!

The Epcot International Festival of the Arts is taking over the park for 39 days this year, from January 18 through February 25. Guests will find themselves immersed in the visual, culinary, and performing arts with gorgeous displays, creative snacks, and special entertainment all around the park. The daily event is a one-of-a-kind celebration of art that offers a ton of fun for guests of all ages!

Visual Arts

Art Galleries

Featured art galleries will be open in the Odyssey Festival Showplace daily from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM for the duration of the festival, displaying brilliant works created by Disney artists.

There will also be special exhibits in pavilion galleries throughout the World Showcase with unique art that represents the countries they are found in.

  • American Heritage Gallery (The American Adventure): Art from American Indian communities from 7 different geographic regions in the United States
  • Bijutsu-Kan Gallery (Japan Pavilion): Depicts the origin/evolution of “kawai”, Japan’s cute culture
  • Gallery of Arts and History (Morocco Pavilion): Unique designs and time-honored crafts from Morocco
  • House of the Whispering Willows (China Pavilion): Learn all about the new Shanghai Disney Resort
  • Mexico Folk Art Gallery (Mexico Pavilion): Displays the art and traditions surrounding Dia de los Muertos
  • Stave Church Gallery (Norway Pavilion): Art that represents the culture that inspired Disney’s Frozen

Other art displays include a Chalk Gallery with forced perspective art that creates a three-dimensional look.

Art On Demand

While Disney Artists have their work on display in the galleries, many of them will also be on hand during the festival to meet and greet with guests as well as create new pieces live for the crowd! “Art on Demand”, original art, and reproductions from Disney artists will be available for purchase at Art of Disney and other locations. Some artists whose art work you can look forward to include:

  • In the Disney Artist Tent: Costa Alavezos, Dave Avanzino, Rosemary Begley, Brian Blackmore, Doug Bolly, David Buckley, Morgan Ditta, Will Gay, Kim Grommel, Kevin-John, Joe Kaminski, Alex Maher, Randy Noble, Don “Ducky” Williams, and Darren Wilson
  • In the WonderGround Tent: Joey Chou, John Coulter, Jasmine Becket-Griffith, Caley Hicks, June Kim, Jerrod Maruyama, McBiff, Dave Perillo, Jason Ratner, Ashley Taylor, Kristin Tercek, Chris Uminga, and Gabby Zapata
  • At The Art of Disney: Tim McClockey

You can also take a little piece of the festival home with special commemorative merchandise like tee shirts, mugs, tote bags and more from Art of Disney (Future World West), Mouse Gear (Future World East), and festival markets around the World Showcase!

Interactive Activities

Scattered around the festival are Artful Photo Ops that allow you to step inside familiar works of art and pose with George Washington as he crosses the Delaware, “Scream” alongside Edvard Munch, practice your smile along with Mona Lisa, and more famous art moments that make for unique souvenirs!

Guests can explore the Arts Festival in a unique way with Figment’s Brush with the Masters Scavenger Hunt, a quest for famous artwork hidden in each pavilion of the World Showcase. Start by purchasing a map and stickers from Odyssey Festival Showplace, Pin Central, or World Traveler. Then as you wander through the showcase, keep an eye out for Figment-themed picture frames and match the corresponding stickers to their locations on the map. Once you’ve located all of them, return your completed map to Disney Traders for a special surprise!

Other hands-on activities include the Expression Section, a paint- by-number mural in World Showcase Plaza where guests can grab their own paintbrushes and make a creative contribution to the giant collaborative mural and Kidcot Fun Stops, where kids of all ages can collect and decorate their own activity cards at each country in the World Showcase. Guests can also get a first hand look at the magic of Disney animation in the Animation Academy, where artists offer a fun and informative drawing lesson.

Complimentary Seminars

Every day of the Epcot International Festival of the Arts offers complimentary 30 minutes seminars on various topics from creating floral crowns and upcycle projects to painting and photography. Each session, held at Odyssey Festival Showplace, is led by experts, artists and Disney Cast Members that share techniques and methods from their professional lives that can help enhance your own artistic abilities.  The seminars are first come, first serve and the schedule includes:

  • One Little Spark: Finding the Figment Inside of YOU! (Friday, January 18)
  • Travels with Walt Disney: A Photographic Journey around the World (Saturday, January 19)
  • The Art of Disney Merchandise (Sunday, January 20)
  • Photography 101: Shooting Spectacular Fireworks (Monday, January 21)
  • The Art of Pixelating (Tuesday, January 22)
  • Fundamentals of the Art of Audio-Animatronics Animation (Wednesday, January 23)
  • The Art of Cosmetology Presented by Guerlain (Thursday, January 24)
  • Eat Like Walt (Friday, January 25)
  • The Music of John Williams and Hans Zimmer (Saturday, January 26)
  • Watermelon Carving (Sunday, January 27)
  • Hobby Rockers (Monday, January 28)
  • The Art of Cosmetology Presented by Givenchy (Tuesday, January 29)
  • What Does It Take to Get the Right Shot? (Wednesday, January 30)
  • Disney Character Art from Film and Theme Parks (Thursday, January 31)
  • It’s All in the Details: The Art of the Prop and Its Role in the Story (Friday, February 1)
  • Upcycling for Theater (Saturday, February 2)
  • Disney Store Design (Sunday, February 3)
  • It’s All in the Details: The Art of the Prop and Its Role in the Story (Monday, February 4)
  • The Artistry of June Kim (Tuesday, February 5)
  • Journey Into Dance (Wednesday, February 6)
  • What Does It Take to Get the Right Shot? (Thursday, February 7)
  • Fold, Cut, Repeat: The Art and Engineering of a Pop-Up Book (Friday, February 8)
  • Upcycling for Everyday Use (Saturday, February 9)
  • Disney Store Design (Sunday, February 10)
  • Stories from a National Parks Painter (Monday, February 11)
  • One Little Spark: Finding the Figment Inside of YOU! (Tuesday, February 12)
  • Geisha: Artists of the Floating World (Wednesday, February 13)
  • Remember Who You Are (Thursday, February 14)
  • Watermelon Carving (Friday, February 15)
  • The Music of Danny Elfman and Michael Giacchino (Saturday, February 16)
  • So You Want to be a Disney Artist (Sunday, February 17)
  • 3D Storytelling at Walt Disney World (Monday, February 18)
  • The Art of the Disney Topiary (Tuesday, February 19)
  • Fundamentals of the Art of Audio-Animatronics Animation (Wednesday, February 20)
  • The Art of Figment: Discovering Sparks of Inspiration (Thursday, February 21)
  • Watch Disney Characters Come to Life with Animator John Pomeroy (Friday, February 22)
  • Seeing Sound and Painting Music (Saturday, February 23)
  • The Art of Disney Fonts, Lettering and Signage (Sunday, February 24)
  • Floral Crowns (Monday, February 25)

Hands-on workshops take place every Friday – Monday at the Odyssey Festival Showplace. Each workshop runs from 1:30 PM to 2:45 PM and costs $39 per person plus tax. The topics of these creative workshops varies from floral design and 3D paper crafting to character sketching, ink & paint, and so much more.

  •  Upcycling: Disney Park Map Bouquets: Learn how to repurpose your Disney park maps into unique paper flowers from local artist Jovon Harkless and arrange them into your own personalized bouquet. Available Dates: January 18
  • Ink & Paint Animation: With the help of Disney Ink & Paint artist Lynn Rippberger, learn all about 2D animation and how Disney artists carefully created classic animated characters before trying your hand at your own Ink & Paint cel. Available Dates: January 19, January 26, February 1, February 9, February 15, and February 23
  • An Afternoon with Heather Theurer, a Disney Fine Artist: For the premiere workshop of this year’s festival, the incredible Disney artist will explain the process behind creating her “modern-day masterpieces” and share the inspiration for her work including “Ohana Means Family” (Lilo & Stitch), “Baby of Mine” (Dumbo), and many more. Theurer’s creations are some of the most popular limited edition releases in the Disney Fine Art collection. Available Dates: January 20
  • Floral Arranging (Presented by Disney Floral & Gifts): Floral designers put their magic on display while explaining the basic principles of flower arranging as you create your own small arrangement. Available Dates: January 21, February 2, and February 22
  • Animation 101: Flip Book Fundamentals: Former Disney animator Todd Bright (Bright Animation), who is responsible for projects like The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Tarzan along with many others, explains the fundamentals of animation and gives you all the knowledge you need to set your drawings in motion with your own flip book. Available Dates: January 25, February 4, and February 18
  • Handcrafted Calligraphy: Learn how to letter like pros Bonnie DiCocco and Donna Price of Driftwood Market and create a hand crafted calligraphy alphabet with your own personal creative flair that you will be able to use for future hand lettering projects! Available Dates: January 27 and February 11
  • Gesture Drawing Basics: “Storytelling Drawings”: Todd Bright is back to teach the art of quick sketching and gesture drawing, which is used as a foundation for animators, directors and storyboard artists, as you create your own sketch to take home. Available Dates: January 28, February 16, and February 25
  • Doodling with Viz: Gregg “Viz” Visintainer, Owner of Viz Art Ink, demonstrates how he uses hidden pictures and words to create Viz Art Ink masterpieces as you create your own! Available Dates: February 3
  • Disney 3D Paper Crafting: With the guidance of Dave Avanzino (Dave Avanzino Designs, Inc.), learn cutting, folding, and spacing techniques as you create your own 3D Disney shadowbox work of art. Available Dates: February 8
  • Topiary Art: Learn how to make your own topiary from Jen Contarino of Noah’s Ark Topiaries and take your creation home! Available Dates: February 10
  • A Journey of Abstract Expressionism: Crystal Dombrosky (Crystal Dombrosky Fine Art) leads this guided painting workshop, where guests can create their own unique abstract paintings to take home. Available Dates: February 17
  • The Art of Floral Arranging (Presented by Creative Partners of Alice’s Table): The creative team from Alice’s Table helps you create your own floral design masterpieces. Available Dates: February 24

Performing Arts

Disney On Broadway

The Disney on Broadway concert series will take the stage at America Gardens Theaters every day of the week for the first time ever during this year’s festival. Included with regular park admission, there are three showtimes for each performance at 5:30 PM, 6:45 PM, and 8:00 PM nightly. Concerts feature stars of Disney Broadway productions including Tarzan, Beauty & the Best, Frozen, The Lion King, Aladdin, Freaky Friday, Mary Poppins, and The Little Mermaid. The lineup includes:

  • January 18 – January 19: Kerry Butler (Beauty and the Beast) & Kevin Massey (Tarzan)
  • January 20 – January 21: Meredith Inglesby (The Little Mermaid) & Steve Blanchard (Beauty and the Beast)
  • January 22 – January 23: Kerry Butler & Kevin Massey
  • January 24 – January 25: Meredith Inglesby & Steve Blanchard
  • January 26: Kerry Butler & Kevin Massey
  • January 27: Meredith Inglesby & Steve Blanchard
  • January 28 – January 29: Arielle Jacobs (Aladdin) & Adam Jacobs (Aladdin)
  • January 30 – January 31: Heidi Blickenstaff (Freaky Friday) & Gavin Lee (Mary Poppins)
  • February 1 – February 2: Arielle Jacobs & Adam Jacobs
  • February 3 – February 4: Heidi Blickenstaff & Gavin Lee
  • February 5 – February 6: Arielle Jacobs & Adam Jacobs
  • February 7 – February 8: Heidi Blickenstaff & Gavin Lee
  • February 9: Arielle Jacobs & Adam Jacobs
  • February 10: Heidi Blickenstaff & Gavin Lee
  • February 11 – February 12: Ashley Brown & Josh Strickland (Tarzan)
  • February 13 – February 14: Kissy Simmons (The Lion King) & Alton Fitzgerald White (The Lion King)
  • February 15 – February 16: Ashley Brown & Josh Strickland
  • February 17 – February 18: Kissy Simmons & Alton Fitzgerald White
  • February 19 – February 20: Ashley Brown & Josh Strickland
  • February 21 – February 22: Kissy Simmons & Alton Fitzgerald White
  • February 23: Ashley Brown & Josh Strickland
  • February 24: Kissy Simmons & Alton Fitzgerald White
  • February 25: Ashley Brown, Josh Strickland, Kissy Simmons, Alton Fitzgerald White
Disney on Broadway Dining Packages

Turn your Disney on Broadway experience into a full event by adding a meal and reserved seating to your plans with a Disney on Broadway Dining Package! Packages include breakfast, lunch or dinner reservations to the participating restaurant of your choice as well as guaranteed seating at the America Gardens Theater during your preferred show time.

  • Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (Norway Pavilion): Breakfast starting at $63 per adult and $38 per child, Lunch/Dinner starting at $73 per adult and $44 per child
  • Biergarten Restaurant (Germany Pavilion): Lunch/Dinner starting at $55 per adult and $31 per child
  • Coral Reef Restaurant (The Living Seas Pavilion): Lunch/Dinner starting at $67 per adult and $22 per child
  • The Garden Grill Restaurant (The Land Pavilion): Breakfast starting at $49 per adult and $30 per child, Lunch/Dinner starting at $63 per adult and $38 per child
  • Rose & Crown Pub and Dining Room (United Kingdom Pavilion): Lunch/Dinner starting at $57 per adult and $21 per child

Other performance art will be on display around the park with acrobatics, feats of strength, living statues, musicians and other variety acts taking place throughout the day in various locations in the World Showcase and Future World.

Culinary Arts

In addition to honoring visual art and performance art, the Epcot International Festival of Arts showcases brilliant culinary arts throughout the park with 13 Food Studios and special menu items at select locations in Future World and the World Showcase. Each Food Studio is open from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM daily throughout the entire festival, which runs from January 18 – February 25. Every studio has a hand crafted menu designed by Disney’s culinary experts to showcase innovative themes and cooking styles. Get the full list of Food Studios and menu items here.

Ready to get in touch with your creative side? Head to blog.tickets2you.com to purchase discount Disney tickets and experience everything the Epcot International Festival of the Arts has to offer!

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