• Sunday, September 20, 2020
What is Universal’s Epic Universe?

What is Universal’s Epic Universe?

Earlier this summer, Universal Orlando Resort announced that its FOURTH theme park is currently in the works. Although it is officially being referred to as a theme park, Universal’s Epic Universe will also feature an entertainment center, hotels, shops, restaurants, and more!

The vision for Universal’s Epic Universe is to create an all-new level of experience that changes the game of theme park entertainment. According to executives, Epic Universe “will take guests on a journey where beloved stories expand into vibrant lands…and where that journey is as much a part of their adventure as the ultimate decision.”

While not many details of the new park concept have been released yet, some information about its layout has been revealed. The Epic Universe will be located on a 750-acre site, which is almost double the size of Universal’s total available acreage.

According to some concept art, there will be four main areas that all branch off of the park’s main hub in the center. Although nothing about the rides and attractions has been officially confirmed, roller coasters, large pools of water, and several indoor attractions are visible in the concept art.

The official opening date for Universal’s Epic Universe has not been set, but it was recently announced that it will be sometime in 2024. While you’re waiting for the exciting new location to open, head to Universal Orlando to explore everything the resort currently has to offer! You can shop for discounted park tickets on tickets2you.com.

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