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Experience the Journey of Tomorrowland

Experience the Journey of Tomorrowland

Join the riveting journey of a smart, optimistic and curious young girl, Casey, incited by visions of a futuristic world. Tomorrowland (PG) is already deemed one of the most original storylines of the decade with adventure, twists and mystery scattered throughout every scene. Carly finds herself seeking the help of a reclusive inventor, Frank, who has previously caused trouble in the other dimensional realms surrounding the visions, Tomorrowland. A pubescent robot sidekick joins the mission and the three find themselves venturing into a web of secrets and potential.

Frank is able to lead Carly to Tomorrowland, but trouble in the futuristic world may put her and Earth in danger. His guidance could be the only way for Carly to see the world captivating her thoughts – will she put her own world at risk to ease a curiosity of traveling to the unknown world?

This original, ambitious and twisted adventure spans into not only our world, but also the multidimensional world of the unknown. Discover the truths of Tomorrowland and follow Carly as she grasps the realization of another realm, encountering unknown dangers unfolding around every turn. Walt Disney Pictures® displays a spectacular tale unlike anything seen before on the big screen. This must-see movie is being released Friday May 22, 2015. Be sure to visit Tomorrowland at Disney World® Orlando’s Magic Kingdom® Park and experience electrifying, futuristic rides like Space Mountain™ or Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin!

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