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5 Things We Know About Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

5 Things We Know About Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

The long-awaited opening of Disney World’s newest immersive land is still a few months away but while you’re waiting patiently for August 29, here are five things you can look forward to in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge!

1. It’s Disney World’s Largest Expansion Yet

The recent Toy Story Land addition currently holds the record for largest development but the upcoming Star Wars project will be the biggest expansion the park has ever seen, taking over a whopping 14 acres of land. Several attractions closed to make way for this new land, including the Studio Backlot Tour, Streets of America, Extreme Stunt Show, Honey I Shrunk the Kids: Movie Set Adventure, and Lights, Motors, ACTION!

2. The Land Will Have Its Own Unique Story

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge will be set on a planet called Bantuu in Black Spire Outpost, a remote village named for unique black spires formed from eroded and petrified trees located all around the village. The centerpiece of the land is a lager, darker spire that acts as a “wayfinder” for travelers. According to the land’s backstory, Black Spire Outpost was once a busy crossroads for sub-lightspeed trade routes that was deserted due to the rise of hyperspace travel. The abandoned village then became a safe haven for people looking for a safe haven away from the mainstream like smugglers, rogue traders and adventurers. The secluded nature of the outpost also makes it the perfect place for anyone trying to fly under the radar of The First Order.

3. It Will Be The First Highly Interactive Immersive Land

Immersive lands have become pretty standard at Disney World (hello, Pandora and Toy Story Land) but Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is taking it even further by providing an environment that guests can interact with even further with the Play Disney Parks app. You will be able to engage with the world of Planet Bantuu in several ways such as translating galactic languages, finding surprises hidden in crates and containers, and completing tasks while participating in various missions. Some elements that will react to commands via the app include antenna rays, door panels, water fountains, droids and media screens.

4. There Will Be Two Brand New Attractions

There are currently three Star Wars themed attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios: The Star Wars Launch Bay, Star Tours — The Adventure Continues, and Star Wars: Path of the Jedi. When Galaxy’s Edge officially opens, it will bring along two all new rides, Battle Escape and Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run.

Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run is a flight simulator attraction with three potential mission scenarios to embark on. In the first potential story, you’re a racer who has been set up by Hondo to race the Millenium Falcon on Corellia. In the second scenario, Hondo sends you to the First Order Shipyard on Corellia for a potential mission for The Resistance. The final adventure is based on you and your crew on a mission to carefully steal a piece of cargo that is being guarded by a huge monster much like the Maw from Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Height Requirement: 38″ or taller

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is a trackless dark ride that can be loosely compared to the style of the Spiderman attraction at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. The attraction has riders board into Fleet Order Transport vehicle, which can hold eight people at a time, to join a battle between the First Order and The Resistance that includes a face-off with the evil Kylo Ren!

Height Requirement: 40″ or taller

5. There Will Be All-New Merchandise & Souvenir Offerings!

Along with all the new attractions and dining locations, there will be several new and unique shops opening in Galaxy’s Edge with one-of-a-kind merchandise and souvenirs.

At Savi’s Workshop you can meet with “The Gatherers”, a secret group who is dedicated to restoring balance in the galaxy by sharing their knowledge of The Force. In the Workshop, the master guides will help you build and customize your very own lightsaber while instructing you on the ways of the Jedi! Each saber is made with a kyber crystal at its heart, and guests can choose from four different options:

  • Peace Justice: Modeled after the Jedi from the Republic Era
  • Power Control: A nod to the Sith
  • Elemental Nature: Harnesses air, fire, earth and water
  • Defense: Veiled in mystery

You can also create your own souvenir in The Droid Depot, where you’ll choose all the parts you need to build an individual Astromech droid to take home with you! The Depot, which is located in the market, has conveyor belts carrying parts and pieces to use when customizing either a BB-Series or R-Series droid. There are additional programming chips and accessories available for purchase to further personalize your creation! Pre-built droids are also for sale, including a talking C-3PO and a Bluetooth compatible Rex

Other new stores to look forward to include the Resistance Supply, Toydarian Toymaker, Creature Stalls, Black Spire Outfitters, and The Jewels of Bith.

These are just a few of the amazing things to come when Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge officially opens on August 29! Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the big day, and until then check out these other awesome attractions coming to Orlando this year and get great deals on Disney tickets and so much more from tickets2you.com!

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