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Halloween Horror Nights’ 25th Year is Bigger & Better Than Ever

Halloween Horror Nights’ 25th Year is Bigger & Better Than Ever

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando is just around the corner, and you can believe that its 25th year is going to be bigger, better, and scarier than ever. With a lineup of more nights than any of the previous  years, guests will have more chances to indulge in this annual scarefest.

The streets of Universal Orlando have been transformed into incredibly themed scare zones since 1991, and this year guests can expect to see their favorite horror films and TV shows come to life on 30 select nights from September 18th to November 1st.  Here are some of the scares that have been confirmed for this year:

Freddy vs. Jason

Speculation has been building for months, but Universal has confirmed that there will be a house based on two of the most frightening and popular horror movie villains around. Freddy Krueger, from “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” and Jason Voorhees, from “Friday the 13th,” are the stars of this new haunted house,  as guests experience a battle of evil vs. evil. Guests will walk through Elm Street and Camp Crystal Lake while coming face-to-face with the villains in this house/maze.


Recently, another maze for this year’s Halloween Horror Nights was announced – Insidious: Return to the Further. The maze will feature themes and characters from the entire franchise, and this time it’s not the maze that’s haunted, it’s you. Notable characters include the Woman in Black and the Red Faced Demon; guests will also investigate the Lambert family’s eerie Victorian home.

The Walking Dead

This year, guests can experience one of the most popular shows on television in a unique way at Halloween Horror Nights. This year, Universal is putting guests in the middle of Season 5’s most gruesome moments, where they can experience some new disgusting walker looks as well as the freshly-turned Terminus butcher. Guests will also have to make sure to steer clear of the walkers wading through the flooded food bank basement, which will be a first for the event.

Fans speculate that other houses will be based on films including American Werewolf in London, Scream, and Alice in Wonderland 3D. A familiar face is also back to scare guests – Jack The Clown. As the longtime mascot of Halloween Horror Nights who hasn’t been seen since 2010, Jack makes a twisted return posing the creepy question: “Did you miss me?”

Guests can experience the biggest and scariest Halloween Horror Nights ever on select nights from September 18th to November 1st, 2015. Make sure to check back at Tickets2You.com to learn more about Halloween Horror Nights’ houses as more information becomes available.


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