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Surrender Your Soul: Halloween Horror Nights 27

Surrender Your Soul: Halloween Horror Nights 27

For over 25 years, Halloween Horror Nights has been a fall staple at Universal Orlando. Inspired by the scariest movies and television shows, this year’s event boasts nine horrifying haunted houses, five scare zones and two live shows for brave guests to experience. Halloween Horror Nights lasts a total of 34 nights this year, making HHN27 the longest running event yet. The fright fest starts September 15 and continues with select dates through November 4.


Halloween Horror Nights Flex Tickets are valid for any ONE night of the event. Tickets valid Sunday through Friday nights are $77.99 plus tax, and tickets valid Sunday through Saturday nights are $85.99 plus tax.

Halloween Horror Nights Coca Cola Promotion can save you up to $50 on select nights when you buy tickets in advance using the UPC code from a can of any Coca Cola product.

  • Monday – Wednesday tickets are valid for one Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday night and cost $59.99 plus tax.
  • Sunday/Thursday tickets are valid for one Sunday or Thursday night. These tickets range from $59.99 to $63.99 plus tax, depending on the date you select.
  • Friday tickets are valid for one Friday night and range from $63.99 – $75.99, depending on the selected date.
  • Saturday tickets are valid for one Saturday night, ranging from $69.99 – $83.99 depending on the selected date.

Frequent Fear Passes include entrance to Halloween Horror Nights for multiple nights of the event.

  • Rush of Fear Pass: Come back every night for the first 10 nights for $91.99 plus tax. Add the Express Pass, which allows you to skip the standby line for each haunted house as well as participating rides and attractions one time each for a total of $299.99 plus tax.
  • Frequent Fear Pass: Includes entrance to Halloween Horror Nights for 21 nights: every Sunday – Thursday, the first Friday and Saturday, and the last Saturday . The ticket costs $102.99 plus tax. You can add the Express Pass to this ticket for $339.99 plus tax.
  • Frequent Fear Plus Pass: Attend Halloween Horror Nights for 28 nights; every Sunday – Friday, plus the first and last Saturday, for $118.99 plus tax. Add the Express Pass to this ticket for a total of $399.99 plus tax.
  • Ultimate Frequent Fear Pass: This pass is valid for ALL nights of the event and costs $199.99. Adding the Express Pass to this ticket would bring the total to $599.99 plus tax.
Haunted Houses 

The American Horror Story themed house is back for the second year featuring brand new content from Asylum (season 2), Coven (season 3), and Roanoke (season 6). The AHS house boasts the largest floor plan of all the HHN houses and is referred to as the “uber maze” by the Universal Creative Team. In the Asylum area brave guests will travel through Briarcliff, trying to avoid Dr. Arden’s human “Rasper” experiments before coming face to face with BloodyFace the serial killer. The Coven portion of the house takes on season 3’s New Orleans vibe while forcing you to endure the wrath of the descendants of the Salem witches. In Roanoke, guests relive the story of the Millers, while your fate is at the mercy of Piggy, the Polk family, and the ghosts of the Blood Moon. The creative elements in the American Horror Story house were imagined by the Universal Creative team with the help of Ryan Murphy and 20th Century Fox, making the overall experience true to the terrors of the famed show.

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining inspired the haunted maze that takes fear chasers inside the Overlook Hotel, where you encounter ghostly beings from the film at every turn while trying to escape the reach of a sharpened ax.  According to creatives the house was created to make guests question reality, constantly giving that “Did I just see that?” feeling.

The newest addition to the haunting line-up is based on the Starz original series Ash vs. The Evil Dead, which promises to be a thrilling experience even for those who are not familiar with the story or its characters. The haunted house features the cabin and a few other locations from the show’s first two seasons. The goal is to immerse guests into the “loud, brash, and very bloody” world of Ash Williams, where there is evil to stop and “Deadites” to kill.

Inspiration from the Saw horror franchise is back again with a new house titled “Saw: The Games of Jigsaw”. The maze acts as one large trap, forcing brave guests to travel through claustrophobic experiences that inject them in the terrifying “games” from the films. Familiar traps include the Razor Wire Maze, Reverse Bear Trap, Pound of Flesh, and more.

An interesting addition to this year’s haunted houses is the The Horrors of Blumhouse. Blumhouse is a small production company that is responsible for recent horror flicks like Get Out, The Belko Experiment, and M. Night Shyamalan’s Split.  The maze is a mash-up of several movies, makin the house a kind of “greatest hits” experience using films from the production company’s roster including Sinister, Insidious, and The Purge.

In addition to the movie inspired houses, there are four original houses: Dead Waters, Scarecrow: The Reaping, The Hive, and The Fallen.

Live Entertainment

Academy of Villains, the dance group known for their stunts and “intense” choreography, is making their second appearance at Halloween Horror Nights with a new show called “Afterlife”. The artists put on a shocking performance that transports viewers from the earthly world to the great beyond.

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure is back for the 27th year, once again showcasing The Wyld Stallyns and their telephone booth time machine on a mission to save the world from the craziness that is pop culture. However, this year’s show will be Bill & Ted’s “Farewell Tour”, a timely and outrageous ending to the long running comedy show.

Scare Zones

There are five scare zones in the streets of Universal during Halloween Horror Nights. The first scare zone, inspired by the movie Trick ‘r Treat, gives guests a proper education of Halloween led by Sam, ensuring that everyone follows the rules of the holiday. Come face to face with the film’s characters and be prepared to suffer the consequences of not following the rules.

On the Avenue of Stars, you can find some of the wildest characters from this year’s houses in their own scare zone, Altars of Horror. 

Set in a former time period, Invasion! takes place on the docks in San Francisco where aliens crashed amd have made it their mission to learn everything about humans by any means necessary. If you’re not careful, you  may find yourself at the mercy of invader scientists.

The Purge is returning to the streets of New York, this time showing a different side of the haunting event, like how the clean up crew handles  removing the debris from the streets–just don’t get too close to those chainsaws! Also returning with the scarezone are some fan favorites from years prior.

The Roaming Hordes are also back with a vengeance, upset about the portrayal of clowns in pop culture as terrorizing characters. This year’s bunch is determined to show the world what scary really looks like, with the help of greasepaint, chainsaws, and the signature chilling giggle of clowns.


The Scareactor Dining Experience occurs all 34 nights of Halloween Horror Nights at Classic Monsters Cafe, and features an all-you-can-eat buffet with a special themed menu as well as a digital download of one photo taken during the dinner. Guests may even run into some of the event’s most popular scare actors. Scareactor Dining costs $49.99 plus tax per person, and must be scheduled on the same night as your HHN ticket. Availability is limited, so make a reservation by calling 407-224-7840.

Universal’s Quick Service Dining Plan is available for purchase during Halloween Horror Nights as well. There are three dining options to choose from:

  • Quick Service + Coca Cola Freestyle souvenir cup: One Quick Service entree, one snack, and one day of unlimited soft drink refills, costs $28.99 plus tax.
  • Quick Service: One Quick Service entree, one snack, and one non-alcholic beverage, costs $22.99 plus tax
  • Coca Cola freestyle souvenir cup:  One day of unlimited soft drink refills, cup costs $14.99 plus tax.

Find the full list of Quick Service Dining Plan restaurants here.


The R.I.P. Tours guide guest through a “realm of frightening creatures, terrifying maniacs, and a multitude of horrors more ghastly than you can imagine.”  The tour includes complimentary valet parking for one vehicle, VIP entrance to each haunted house once, reserved seating at Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure, and a Universal Express pass for each participating ride and attraction one time. The tour begins with an exclusive pre-tour reception at Cafe La Bamba with appetizers, desserts, and a cash bar. Tickets are $159.99 per person, per tour.

Groups of up to 12 people can upgrade to the Private R.I.P. Tour which grants members unlimited priority entrance to each haunted house, unlimited priority ride access to participating attractions, reserved seating at Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure, and a My Universal Photos 3-Day photo package. The package also includes complimentary valet parking for one vehicle and an exclusive pre-tour reception at Cafe La Bamba with appetizers, desserts, and a cash bar. Pricing of the private tours varies based on the dates of the event. For pricing information and reservations, call 1-866-604-7556 or email vipexperience@universalorlando.com

Unmasking the Horror Tours offer a daytime look behind the scenes at how the Universal Orlando Art & Design team creates the haunted houses and their scary characters. The guided walking tour is an intense, graphic tour that is not recommended for people under the age of 13. Guests will receive a commemorative tour lanyard and get the unique opportunity to photograph some of the haunted houses. Behind the Screams: 3-House tours last around 2.5 hours and cost $79.99 per person. Behind the Screams: 6-House tours last around 4-5 hours and cost $129.99 per person.

For more information or to purchase your Halloween Horror Nights tickets, click Universal Studios and many other amazing Orlando attractions on blog.tickets2you.com!

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