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The Hunt For Hidden Mickeys

The Hunt For Hidden Mickeys

The “Hidden Mickey” phenomenon originated as a joke among Disney’s Imagineers, who would often hide Mickey’s silhouette in designs or add them as finishing touches to various projects.  Rumors that the famous design was sneakily placed throughout the parks spread by word-of-mouth for years, and were officially confirmed in an article written for the Cast Members’ newsletter that was published in 1989. The tradition has since taken on a life of its own, with Imagineers and Cast Members subtly concealed images of Mickey in a variety of forms including the standard tri-circle silhouette, profile silhouettes, and even small animated versions of the notorious mouse’s face. There’s no official list of “Hidden Mickeys”, so it’s easy to get carried away with looking at creative angles to find them. In reality, Imagineers typically hide the icons in plain sight and never design them too large or elaborate.

Magic Kingdom

  • In the banquet scene of the Haunted Mansion ride, there are dishes on the table that make up the shape of Mickey’s head
  • As you ride down the river in Splash Mountain‘s final scene, look at the pink clouds above the Zip-A-Dee Lady paddlewheeler and you’ll find Mickey floating on his back among the clouds.
  • If you’re dining at Columbia Harbour House in Liberty Square, check out the frames hanging on the restaurant’s walls and see if you can spot the graphs that resemble Mickey’s head.
  • While you’re in Liberty Square, make your way into the Hall of Presidents and you’ll find an image of George Washington holding a sword with a hidden Mickey on the tip.
  • In Tomorrowland, there’s an advertisement for The Recreational Rocket Vehicle Show that has a cartoon Mickey silhouette located on it.


  • Spot a Mickey among the constellations just beyond the loading area at Spaceship Earth
  •  Look for a fish with some interesting spots in the Northwest Mercantile Store in the Canada Pavilion.
  • In the Germany Pavilion, there’s a Mickey hidden on the clock tower above the Biergarten 
  • Take a look at the details carved into the wooden counter in the Enoteca Wine Shop, loacted in the Italy Pavilion
  • This one may be a little harder to spot: Head towards the Bruce the Shark photo op inside The Seas with Nemo & Friends and look for a clamshell painted on the wall with a special pearl inside…

Animal Kingdom

  • Here’s an easy one: There are more than 25 hidden in the murals, tree trunks and paintings at Rafiki’s Planet Watch
  • In the wooly mammoth dig site at The Boneyard, there’s a hidden Mickey made from a fan and two hard hats
  • While eating at Pizzafari, look for the famous ears hidden among leopard spots on one of the wall murals.
  • There are craters in the asteroid above the Primeval Whirl that bear a striking resemblance to the Disney mascot.
  • Watch your step as you exit the Mombasa Marketplace, there’s an interesting group of pebbles surrounding a utility cover on the ground just outside the shop.

Hollywood Studios

  • Just past the map of the United States in the standby line for Toy Story Mania, there are paintings of a green dinosaur and Nemo on the wall. Beneath these paintings is an upside-down Mickey.
  • During the Tower of Terror preshow, there is a little girl shown whose ghost appears throughout the ride. If you look closely, she is carrying the first Mickey plush ever made.
  • The Great Movie Ride is also littered with Mickey images, like the one that’s hidden among the hieroglyphics.
  • There are two Mickeys within the tile floor in the rotunda of Rock N Rollercoaster
  • Check out the large fountain outside of Muppet Vision and see if you can spot a Mickey among the beloved Muppets characters.

Resorts/Disney Springs 

  • The sixth hole at Disney’s Magnolia Golf Course features a giant sand trap shaped like Mickey Mouse.
  • Look at the weather vane on top of the Grand Floridian‘s convention center
  • The fountains at the entrance of Disney Springs form mickey’s silhouette
  • Inside the Tren-D store, there’s a Cast Members door with an image of Minnie Mouse on it. Look closely at the clasp on her purse to find Mickey’s profile.
  •  If you’re sitting at the bar inside the T-Rex Cafe, look up at the giant octopus hanging from the ceiling and see if you notice anything interesting about some of its spots…

There are more than 1,000 Mickey likenesses scattered around the parks and resorts. For dedicated mouse hunters that may need more clues, there are several different guidebooks and smartphone apps available. Start your quest by purchasing discount Disney tickets from tickets2you.com!

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