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The Best Sweet Treats from Epcot’s Holiday Kitchens

The Best Sweet Treats from Epcot’s Holiday Kitchens

The Holiday Kitchens at Epcot’s International Festival of the Holidays are serving up tons of delicious cuisine from all over the world, but we all know the holiday season is all about indulging in irresistible sweet treats. We’ve got the complete guide to navigating the Holiday Kitchens on the hunt for delicious desserts and drinks! Each kitchen is open daily from noon to 8:00 PM during the park’s holiday event.

  • Festive French delights can be found at Alsace Holiday Kitchen in the France pavilion including Buche de Noel au chocolat, also known as a slice of chocolate Christmas yule log. Guests can also try a traditional Holiday Kir, which is sparkling wine and Monin cranberry syrup or a spiced rum punch slush made of spiced rum, rhum clement V.S.O.P., orange and pineapple juice and cinnamon.
  • The American Holiday Kitchen offers a variety of comfort food favorites reminiscent of Grandma’s kitchen, including holiday desserts and beverages. Indulge in a decadent chocolate pecan tart with whipped cream and caramel sauce or try a chocolate apple shake made of Twinings winter spice tea and butterscotch schnapps. Christmas classics T.G. Lee eggnog and Nestle Chocolate Delights hot chocolate are also available at this holiday kitchen. Eggnog enthusiasts who are 21 and older can kick it up a notch with firenog, which is spiked with Fireball cinnamon whiskey.
  • Bavaria Holiday Kitchen offers authentic holiday fruitcake, called Stollen, as well as hard apple ciders like Possman Pure Hard Apple Cider and Possman Pure Hard Black Currant Apple Cider.
  • Located inside the Festive Center is the new Cookie Nook Holiday Kitchen, where guests can indulge in traditional baked delights like warm apple fritters with cinnamon ice cream or sachertorte, which is a chocolate cake with apricot jam and dark chocolate glaze. There is also an endless selection of cookies including snowflake sugar cookies, snickerdoodles, double chocolate peppermint, gingersnaps, and so many more. Nestle hot chocolate pairs perfectly with these sweet treats, which can be spiced up with Creme de Menthe for guests over 21.
  • The Feast of the Three Kings Kitchen celebrates the traditions of Three Kings’ Day with dishes inspired by the story of the Magi including the traditional Three Kings Bread and Coquito, served as a non-alcoholic beverage or with a Bacardi rum floater.
  • The Hokkaido Holiday Kitchen in the Japan pavilion offers dishes from the island of Hokkaido like cinnamon mochi cake, iced strawberry milk and a strawberry nigori sake cocktail, which is semi-sweet sake with pureed strawberry.
  • Holiday Sweets and Treats at Promenade Refreshments offers a variety of frozen delights like a peppermint sundae, frozen s’mores, and frozen s’mores with Dutch caramel Van Gogh vodka. Warm up with Nestle Chocolate Delights hot cocoa, and guests over 21 can spice it up with assorted cordials.
  • The Las Posadas Holiday Kitchen is a new addition to the festival’s lineup, located in the Mexican pavilion, offering a traditional Mexican holiday dessert called Bunelo Navideno. The thin, round fried pastry is topped with honey, cinnamon and brown sugar. Other sweet indulgences at this kitchen come in the form of unique margaritas. Guests over 21 can enjoy a pomegranate margarita on the rocks, a horchata margarita on the rocks, or a frozen Kahlua coffee margarita.
  • In Italy guests can stop in at the new Tuscany Holiday Kitchen where they can try several Italian desserts such as Crespelle di Mele, a cinnamon apple fritter with vanilla sauce drizzled with chocolate syrup. Fruit cake lovers can order Panettone Mignon, a traditional Italian Christmas fruit cake, or Panetton alla Milanese, which is a warm Italian fruit cake topped with vanilla sauce and cherry syrup.
  • The Tarabaki Holiday Kitchen is new to the Morocco pavilion and features a special Moroccan dessert as well as two festive cocktails. First, try the triangle honey briwat with almond paste, rose water and toasted sesame seeds then wash it down with a walnut spiced coffer with walnut liqueur, whipped cream and cinnamon. For a fruitier taste, try the Andalusian Poinsettia cocktail, which is made of sparkling wine, orange liqueur and cranberry juice, topped with orange blossom water.
  • The Canada pavilion also has a new festival stop, the Yukon Holiday Kitchen. Here guests can indulge in Maple Buche de Noel, a maple mousse rolled in gingerbread chiffon cake topped with cranberry sauce and pecan crumble.

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