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How to Make the Most of a Day at SeaWorld Orlando

How to Make the Most of a Day at SeaWorld Orlando

Whether you’re a local who doesn’t have a ton of time to hit the theme parks or you’re an out of towner making a special trip, you probably want to get the most out of your visit to SeaWorld Orlando. These five tips will help you make the most of your time so you can experience all of the awesome things the park has to offer!

1. Arrive Early

This might seem like an obvious tip, but the first thing you can do to maximize your time at SeaWorld is to arrive early. As the day goes on and the park gets busier, the process of parking and getting through security starts to take up a lot of time from your day. Once the crowds have piled in, it can also take longer to move around the park.

A good rule of thumb is to try and plan on getting to SeaWorld Orlando just in time for it to open for the day, which is usually 9:00 AM. This way, you can breeze through the entrance, grab a map, and get your day started early!

2. Plan the Day Around Shows You Want to See

The only part of SeaWorld Orlando that runs on a strict schedule is the park’s epic live shows. It might be helpful to start by deciding which shows you absolutely want to see and plan the rest of the day around those selected showtimes. This way, you can explore the areas of the park based on what theater you need to be close to around show time and you don’t have to race across the park to get there before they close the ropes. The shows that are currently running at SeaWorld Orlando are:

  • Dolphin Days (Temporarily Closed)
  • Orca Encounter
  • Sea Lion High: The New Class
3. Try to Combine Meal Time + Show Time

Speaking of show times… Theaters tend to fill up quickly, especially on busier days, so it’s always smart to arrive early in order to make sure you get enough seats for your entire group. One helpful lunch time hack is to try and coordinate a meal break and a show time, especially if you’ve got someone with you. Lines can also get long at restaurants during lunch or dinner times, so if you have someone who can grab food for the group and someone else can save seats. Then, everyone can get their fill of food while you wait for the show to start!

4. Consider Getting Quick Queue

Another way to avoid a ton of wasted time at SeaWorld Orlando is with a Quick Queue Unlimited upgrade. Especially on peak busy days, you might find yourself stuck in line for over an hour to ride SeaWorld’s most popular attractions. With Quick Queue Unlimited, you can skip to the front of the line as much as you’d like for all of the following rides:

  • Mako (Minimum Height 54″)
  • Manta (Minimum Height 54″)
  • Kraken (Minimum Height 54″)
  • Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin
  • Infinity Falls (Minimum Height 42″)
  • Journey to Atlantis (Minimum Height 42″)
  • Wild Arctic (Minimum Height 42″)

Just a reminder, minimum height requirements are still enforced with the Quick Queue upgrade. Make sure you’re tall enough for each ride before you spend a little extra on the pass!

5. Don’t Get Stuck in Sesame Land

The Sesame Street Party Parade runs through the Sesame Street area of the park SeaWorld Orlando. Because it’s equal parts parade and block party, the whole area shuts down for the duration of the procession and you’ll have to fight quite a crowd to get through the kid-friendly land.

For more travel tips and theme park hacks, check out these helpful hints for making the most of a day at Universal Orlando.

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