• Thursday, October 1, 2020
Fall From New Heights on SeaWorld Orlando’s Latest Attraction!

Fall From New Heights on SeaWorld Orlando’s Latest Attraction!

SeaWorld Orlando in unveiling an all new family river ride this summer! Infinity Falls will take riders on an adventure like no other with a 5 minute raging river journey through a tropical rainforest. The story behind SeaWorld’s second water ride is that a group of researchers embark on a mission to learn more about a river in the tropical jungle and get a lesson on fresh water ecosystems.

Before even boarding the ride, you’ll feel as if you’re transported to a exploration team’s base camp in the middle of the jungle. More than 700 trees have been planted around the mini island along with other unique props to make the story come to life before the expedition begins.

After loading up with eight “researchers” per raft the ride begins in gentle waters, floating along the river past a flock of flamingos. The water slowly builds to class 3.5 – 4 rapids before lifting into the air and climbing up the side of a waterfall. Upon reaching the top riders get the first glimpse of the 42 foot drop into raging whitewaters, the tallest drop of its kind! Riders beware: you’re guaranteed to get wet on your expedition along the ride’s 1,520 foot track.

Aditionally, the area all around the new attraction is getting a makeover to fit the theme of Infinity Falls. While walking towards the ride, you’ll first hit a new gift shop inspired by outdoor gear shops like REI called the Whitewater Supply. Located near Nautilus Theater (former home of the Clydesdales), the ride’s entrance is flanked by SeaWorld Animal Ambassador totems and educational water conservation games. Along with the new ride and gift shop, a new South American inspired restaurant called Waterway Grill will fit into the ride’s storyline as a “commissary” for researchers who have just completed their expedition.

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