• Friday, October 15, 2021
Get an Inside Look at SeaWorld Orlando!

Get an Inside Look at SeaWorld Orlando!

SeaWorld Orlando’s behind-the-scenes event is back! Inside Look returns January 9, with special event locations and trainer talks every Saturday and Sunday through January 17. During the weekend event, you can meet the SeaWorld team and hear their stories about working with the creatures.

Event Locations

At event locations, you’ll get unique insights into the daily care of the park’s animal residents.

1 – SeaWorld Rescue Center

The SeaWorld Rescue Center is the rescue team’s home base. Here, you’ll get an inside look at the round-the-clock care the team dedicates to saving animals in need. In this location, you can also hear directly from filtration experts, animal care personnel, lab technicians, and veterinarians.

2 – Dive Operations at Manatee Underwater Viewing

SeaWorld’s divers will explain the basics of diving and share little-known secrets about the SeaWorld Dive Team. These divers are responsible for some of the most interesting and challenging tasks at the park.

3 – Shark Encounter

This Inside Look location allows guests to view the Shark Encounter from above the 700,000-gallon tank. You’ll also learn how the exhibit is temporarily divided for cleaning and how the sharks are fed. In the medical pool, you can see how a shark gets an annual physical.

4 – Mako

Roller coaster experts will take you behind the scenes at Mako to see how the complex thrill ride operates. They’ll also explain what it takes to maintain Orlando’s tallest, fastest coaster!

5 – Beluga & Seal Primary Housing

Explore Wild Arctic from the back hallways that allow experts to access the beluga whales and harbor seals that live in the exhibit. During this experience, you can also meet the team that cares for the arctic critters each day.

6 – Manta Aquarium

At Manta Aquarium, you’ll get a never-before-seen look above the surface of Manta’s main marine exhibit. In this exclusive experience, you will learn how fish, manta rays, sea dragons, live corals, and Pacific octopus are cared for at the park.

Use this map to help you find each event location around the park!

Trainer Talks

During Trainer Talks, SeaWorld professionals have the opportunity to share their love and passion for the animals they work with daily.

A – Dolphin Days

Get a behind the scenes look at Dolphin Days in Dolphin Theater and see how trainers work with the dolphins and get them ready for showtime.

B – Sea Lion High

At Sea Lion & Otter Theater, you’ll laugh along with the show’s trainers as they explain their passion for the animals in a behind the scenes look at the silly show.

C – Orca Encounter

Whale trainers show off their training skills and husbandry techniques that are put into action daily while working with the animals at the Orca Encounter.

You can check out the park’s daily show schedule for up-to-date showtimes for Trainer Talks.

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