• Monday, October 26, 2020
How to Spend a Half Day at IOA

How to Spend a Half Day at IOA

Recently Rebecca and I were allowed to leave the cozy confines of our well lit office (my half, not hers, she is a vampire) to venture off into Universal Orlando’s Islands of Adventure. With only half a day to spend, because work can’t be all fun, we wasted no time getting into the Theme Park action. Our first stop, naturally, was The Incredible Hulk Coaster. Now I could give you some grand spiel about the way the ride takes you from 0 to 40 mph in 2 seconds flat, but I think this point of view video we captured with our GoPro will do the trick.

The one thing we took away from this ride, was not our balance. Instead, we learned that roller coasters before 10 AM do not help your breakfast sit well! All jokes aside, we survived, so did our breakfast, and our day forged on. We had plenty to choose from, & after a dizzying stop at the storm force accelerator, we figured a water ride or two was in store. Dudley Do-Right’s Ripsaw Falls followed by Jurassic Park River Adventure, to sum it all up, we were soaked! Dont believe me, just watch the video.

Once we had accomplished getting wet, we obviously needed to get dry, and Dragon Challenge was the proper roller coaster for the job. First we did fire, then we rode ice, both appropriately hot & cold when it comes to reviewing the two. Fire was a bit more intense that ice, but maybe it was simply the extra inversion that got us horrified!

All in all our Islands of Adventure half day was quite amazing, plus we got to work on our selfie game…

Check out the full coverage of our half day on twitter, we prepared a handy dandy timeline for you.

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