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Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Renovations Begin

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Renovations Begin

The Kennedy Space Center is getting several major updates over the next year. Set to complete late May 2016, work has begun on the famous attraction. Here are the details that have been released about the upcoming remodeling so far.

A new “Heroes and Legends” attraction is planned, enabling visitors to experience the thrill of early space missions while virtually interacting with almost 100 astronauts inducted in to the center’s U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame. The complex will continue to feature the stories of America’s pioneers of space travel. But with the center’s new omnidirectional theater, attendees will learn about the astronaut’s experiences and also join them on simulations of early missions.

Chief operating officer, Therrin Protze, said, “The mission of the Visitors Complex is to inspire minds of all ages through memorable space experiences…immerse our guests in some of the most inspirational and remarkable space experiences…”. All of the new Space Center attractions center on putting the guest right in the middle of the action, allowing you to learn and interact with the exhibits.

In “Journey to Space”, a 3D film narrated by Patrick Stewart, visitors will learn about future NASA plans as well as discuss past accomplishments and current activities. “Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted” will offer hands-on simulations and interactive activities to show the challenges the first humans on Mars will face.

“Science on a Sphere” will display an illuminated Earth globe for visitors to look down upon the way astronauts can from space. The six-foot diameter sphere will present a simulated version of our living planet – atmosphere, environmental processes and climate change will all be simulated.

“Fly with an Astronaut” is a special, separately priced attraction where guests take part in a simulated flight of the Shuttle Launch Experience next to a NASA astronaut.

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