• Monday, October 26, 2020
Live Action Cinderella Movie

Live Action Cinderella Movie

A classic tale shown comes to the big screen once again with more thrills, twists and a whole lot of laughs. Cinderella captivates audiences for the first time since the original Disney animation was released in 1950. One of Disney’s most iconic princesses falls in love despite the evil ways of her stepmother and sisters. Of course, she will have a little help from her magical godmother and some mice along the way.

It has been over 60 years since the original was first released. Generations of women have watched the princess go from drags to royalty dreaming of what she would look like in real life and hoping to one day be as gracious as the princess.

Walt Disney’s favorite animation from the original film was when Cinderella’s ruined gown changes magically into the iconic, blue ball gown. Watching this animation and several others, like the pumpkin turned into a magnificent carriage and the small mice into elegant horses, come to life with spectacular visual effects will be a moment that goes down in history for animators and spectators alike.

The prince plays a bigger and more affectionate role in this version of Cinderella. Disney has been focused on making fairytale relationships more genuine in the past few years. The princess doesn’t just marry the first cute man she meets. There is no doubt that Cinderella and the prince are truly meant to be. The Prince seeks the kindness of Cinderella after their first meeting and goes to great lengths to show his affection for the courageous beauty he first lays eyes on in the forest.

From the dazzling glass slippers to the magical carriage ride, Cinderella guides you through a story that has captivated our hearts for decades. Cinderella continues to astonish us with her gentle words, even to the meanest of villains. On March 13, 2015 join in the beautiful tale of how a kind soul and a bit of magic can help you overcome even the greatest of obstacles.

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