• Thursday, August 13, 2020
Best Minigolf Spots in Orlando

Best Minigolf Spots in Orlando

Orlando is ranked #5 on the list of the best golf cities in the United States, which isn’t too surprising considering some of the top golfers in history call The Sunshine State home.  Florida also has the advantage of weather that allows for year-round practice. If your golf skills aren’t quite up to the standards of the PGA Tour, no worries. Orlando is also home to some of the most awesome miniature golf spots around.

  1. Fantasia Gardens at Disney’s Swan Hotel is the closest you could get to playing putt-putt on a real-life golf course. In addition to the standard golfing obstacles like sand traps, bunkers, and sloping greens, golfers are immersed in 5 whimsical Fantasia scenes featuring hippos wearing tutus, marching broomsticks, and pirouetting ostriches. A round at this course is $14 for adults and $12 for kids between 3-9 years old.
  2. Hollywood Drive-In at Universal Citywalk features two different 18-hole courses that are designed around two vintage movie genres, sci-fi and horror. Choose between “The Haunting of Ghostly Greens” and “Invaders From Planet Putt Putt” or go for the double feature and play all 36 holes. Whether you play during the day or at night, prepare to navigate around haunted houses, a crashed saucer, and a larger than life robot as you try to score a hole in one.
  3. Winter Summerland at Blizzard Beach, the off-duty hang out spot for Santa and his elves, also has two courses, summer and winter. The summer course is all about fun in the sun, with obstacles like giant surf boards, beach balls, and even Santa sleeping buried in the sand. The winter course takes golfers up to The North Pole, complete with giant peppermints and hockey sticks. Watch out for Squirty the Snowman, he squirts water at people who putt their balls too close to him! The two courses meet for the last few holes, and once golfers have sunk their ball into the 18th hole, Santa delivers a special message. Whether you start your game at the North or South Pole, the round costs $14 for adults and $12 for kids ages 3-9.
  4. Congo River Golf on International Drive has so much more to offer than just a game of miniature golf. In addition to playing the 18-hole course that takes golfers through caves, waterfalls, rain forests and rocky summits, golfers can simultaneously play The Exploration Game scavenger hunt on the course. After golfing, guests can enjoy gem mining, arcade games, Ubanki hoops (a twist on traditional basketball) and even feed live alligators. An 18-hole round costs $13.49 for adults and $11.99 for kids.
  5. Pirates Cove, also on International Drive is a pretty standard mini-golf course. The pirate themed adventure course features rushing waterfalls and elaborate landscapes to steer your game around. Golfers can choose from the Captain’s Course or Blackbeard’s Challenge, which are both $13.50 plus tax for adults and $11.95 plus tax for kids, or the 36 hole adventure, which is $22.50 plus tax for adults and $19.95 plus tax for kids.

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