• Thursday, October 1, 2020
The NBA Experience at Disney Springs

The NBA Experience at Disney Springs

After many months of anticipation, The NBA Experience will finally open on the West Side of Disney Springs on August 12! The exciting new attraction celebrates all things basketball with hands-on activities and games.

The indoor attraction is built on the former site of Disney Quest and recreates all the thrills of the NBA. You can go on the full professional basketball journey from draft day to Hall of Fame ceremonies with 13 incredible experiences.

Starting with a walk through the player entry tunnel to the cheers of an excited crowd, you’ll get a taste of what it’s like to be a professional athlete from training and competitions to championships and beyond!

Interactive Activities

The attractions at The NBA Experience offer an inside look at the world of basketball, test your knowledge of the sport, and put your skills to the test with a series of activities like no other.

1. Combine – Stand out from the crowd

Work on your basketball skills with Combine drills that put your passing ability and jump shots to the test. You can track and improve your talent with realtime feedback on your performance. Compare your results with an NBA/WNBA player’s stats!

2. Trivia – Get Your Head in the Game

Battle against up to 24 other players AND the clock in a competitive trivia game that tests your knowledge of all things basketball. The game includes questions on the NBA, the WNBA, and leagues from the past and present.

3. Champions – That Winning Feeling

The Hall of Champions celebrates the incredible history of the NBA and WNBA. In this exhibit, you can relive the careers of NBA legends from iconic game-winning moments to victorious championship wins.

4. Replay – Be the Ref

At this interactive multi-screen station, you can try your hand at being an official Ref. Watch replay clips from real NBA games and use the tools around you to help you make the right calls. Each correct ruling will earn you points!

5. Theaters – “Game Time” and “Together”

The attraction will also feature two custom-made theaters for 180-degree presentations. The short films bring moments in the arena to life and highlight special stories from the player perspective. The immersive movies will place you into the worlds of the fan and the player with awe-inspiring storytelling and special audio/visual methods. In “Game Time”, you will see a touching story about a girl and her father sharing a special basketball experience together. “Together” tells the on- and off-court experience of an NBA superstar.

6. Dunk! Challenge Your Skills “Above the Rim”

This dunk challenge is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and an amazing photo opportunity all in one. The standard 10-foot hoop that can be lowered as low as seven feet so everyone is guaranteed to execute the perfect slam dunk. Cameras surround the adjustable basket and use burst photography to capture your superstar moment in an impressive photo.

7. Shoot! Beat the Clock, Bring Home the Win

During this innovative experience, a virtual crowd will cheer you on as you travel around the court trying to make a series of timed shots. The court will light up as you move from one spot to the next in a sequence of shots before you feel the thrill of scoring the game-winning basket. You’ll have 15 seconds to make each shot!

8. Dribble – Bounce that B-Ball… “Show Off”

During this activity, a coach will lead you through a series of drills to test your dribbling abilities. The challenge is designed for all ages and skill levels, so both novices and experts can grab a ball and enjoy the game!

9. Slingshot – Score, Score, Score!

The Slingshot is a crazy shooting challenge. Using a huge slingshot, guests will try to shoot the ball through hoops of all different heights before the clock runs out. As the game gets tougher, the scoring changes!

10. Arcade Area – Test Your Hand/Eye Coordination

The arcade has a variety of games that will put your hand/eye coordination to work. You can play classic and modern basketball games such as:

  • B-Ball Games Up-Close and Personal: This game puts a spin on classic arcade games and tests your shooting skills in a race against the clock
  • Pop-A-Shot: A series of Pop-A-Shot arcade games with stationary hoops and hoops that move side to side.
  • NBA 2k, NBA live, and NBA Playgrounds: Take your skills to the digital arena and play the latest NBA video games.
11. Draft – The Number One Pick is… You!

One of the most exciting things about the NBA Experience is that it offers guests the chance to live out their basketball player dreams from beginning to end, starting with the NBA draft. In an atmosphere that recreates the environment of the draft stage, you can pose for a photo that depicts the amazing moment of getting drafted to a team.

12. Players – Inside the Player Sanctuary

Inside the locker room, you’ll get a first-hand look at the players’ “off-court sanctuary.” You can check out current team rosters, records, and highlights from top NBA and WNBA players.

13. Trophy Moments in the Hall of Champions

You will have the rare opportunity to experience a championship moment in a most valuable player photo opportunity. The Hall of Champions also puts some of the greatest NBA championship moments on display with photos and video

Single day admission for The NBA Experience start at $34 plus tax per person. Guests who are under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult and it is recommended that all guests wear sneakers/athletic shoes at the attraction.

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