• Saturday, January 16, 2021
New Attraction Raptor Encounter Opens at Universal

New Attraction Raptor Encounter Opens at Universal

If you’ve been to Universal’s Islands of Adventure recently, you may have noticed a new resident between Camp Jurassic and the Jurassic Park Discovery Center. In that area, you can find new prehistoric residents behind a barrier with a “Danger! 10,000 Volts” sign. If guests are brave enough, they can approach the containment area and approach a nearly 9-foot, yellow-eyed wild raptor.

Visitors can get an up-close view of what these dinosaurs may have looked like in real life, and can also take pictures with the feisty raptor. Here, you can also learn some facts, like that an adult Velociraptor can reach upwards of 60mph in the open.

The attraction features a jungle-theme, complete with jungle sounds and even a “raptor wrangler” who will remind guests to not touch or “feed” the raptors. Guests can pose by the gap in the fence where the dinosaur can stick their heads for a great photo op. The movements of the raptor appear very fluid and life-like, featuring a combination of a puppet and a person in a suit, rather than mechanical robots.

The debut of Raptor Encounter precedes the release of the upcoming film “Jurassic World,” premiering on June 12th. Guests at Islands of Adventure can also catch a glimpse of construction of Skull Island: Reign of Kong, a King Kong-themed attraction set to open summer 2016, situated just beside the Jurassic Park area.

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