• Saturday, September 26, 2020
Fly High Above Orlando on the New Starflyer Ride

Fly High Above Orlando on the New Starflyer Ride

Orlando’s newest attraction “Starflyer” officially opens to the public on Friday, June 1. Located at the Vue 360/Icon Orlando 360 complex on International Drive, the Starflyer towers 25 feet above the neighboring Orlando Eye, setting the record for the tallest Starflyer ride in the world at 425 feet tall.

The Starflyer’s opening is long awaited, the project was first approved in 2015 but had many delays over the years. Once things finally started moving, the structure went up seemingly overnight at the end of March and testing began in April.

Nicknamed the “swing on steroids”, Starflyer offers open-air views of Orlando that can not be found anywhere else. The attraction can hold 22 riders at a time, sitting in rows of two with their feet dangling above the ground. After being strapped in with numerous safety belts, brave guests will spin in a circle at around 60 miles per hour while traveling up and down the tower.

Starflyer will light up International Drive in the evenings, the ride’s LED light system has multiple rows of lights all up and down the length of the tower and all over each seat.

At the foot of the ride, there is a 3,400 square foot building with a Starflyer themed bar, the ride’s ticketing office, a Westgate Resorts timeshare sales office, and a Haagen Daas Ice Cream/Wetzel’s Pretzels shop.

The Starflyer ride is the first of many installations set to pop up in the shared Vue 360/Icon Orlando 360 area. A 600-foot tall Skyplex Entertainment Complex is scheduled to open in 2020, and plans for a hotel, a five-story apartment complex, and a zipline attraction are all in the works.

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