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Orlando’s Best Rollercoasters for Nervous Beginners

Orlando’s Best Rollercoasters for Nervous Beginners

Roller-coasters are undoubtedly the most popular attractions that guests revel in at Orlando’s theme parks. But for those who have little to no experience with the high speed and magnitude of a thrilling ride, the idea of stepping foot onto a coaster like the Incredible Hulk can be pretty daunting. Whether you’re with a child who’s nervous about riding their first thrill ride, or you’re an adult who has never experienced the pleasure of an upside-down coaster loop, here our top six picks to help you overcome your roller coaster phobia!

1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: This Walt Disney World coaster is an ideal ride for children or adults to try who have never experienced a roller-coaster or who are trying to overcome coasterphobia. Without any loops or huge drops, Big Thunder Mountain at Disney’s Magic Kingdom will ease your way into the wonderful world of roller-coasters without being too tame, or too intense or frightening.
Height requirement: 3 feet, 4 inches

Big Thunder Mountain at Disney's Magic Kingdom Park
2. The Barnstormer: For kids who may not meet the height requirements of Disney’s larger coasters, The Barnstormer at the Magic Kingdom is a great place to get over those roller-coaster jitters. This junior coaster takes you down and around gentle bends, and even if you’re not a kid, The  Barnstormer is a great entry level ride for more timid visitors who aren’t ready for bigger thrills.
Height requirement: 2 feet, 11 inches

Great beginning roller coaster, Barnstormer starring Goofini at Magic Kingdom Park

3. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: March your way to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom to experience another thrilling gateway ride. The coaster is quick, but doesn’t contain any high drops or loops, similar to Big Thunder Mountain. Its prototype pivoting car sways from side-to-side for a unique and fun coaster.
Height requirement: 3 feet, 2 inches

Prototype coaster, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Disney's Magic Kingdom

4. Flight of the Hippogriff: This junior coaster is a great alternative to Universal Orlando’s more formidable rides like Dragon Challenge or the Incredible Hulk coaster. The ride is fairly mild, and takes guests through various turns and dips around the Hogwarts Grounds, all with a full aerial view of The Wizarding World.
Height requirement: 3 feet

Flight of the Hippogriff gives an awesome view of Hogsmeade at Universal Orlando

5. Revenge of the Mummy: If you are still weary about riding your first roller-coaster, Revenge of the Mummy at Universal Studios Orlando is a great ride that might convince you to experience the thrill. It has several roller coaster elements, like fast turns and quick drops, and even goes backwards at one part, but there are no upside-down loops and the ride itself is all indoors. If you enjoy Big Thunder Mountain at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, you’ll enjoy Revenge of the Mummy.
Height requirement: 4 feet

Revenge of the Mummy is a dark Indoor Coaster at Universal Studios Florida

6. Air Grover: If you’re headed to SeaWorld’s Busch Gardens in Tampa and you’re unsure about riding the plethora of roller-coasters at the park, start out on Air Grover, a junior coaster perfect for adults and kids to ride together. Busch Gardens may not be the ideal park for those who are roller-coaster beginners, but it could be the best park if you just want to jump right into it!
Height requirement: 3 feet, 2 inches

Air Grover is a Junior Coaster at Busch Gardens Tampa

If you’re waiting in line and you just can’t shake that anxious feeling, you can prepare to reduce or overcome your coasterphobia with the following techniques:

  • Practice relaxation techniques while waiting in line like breathing in for four seconds and out for eight
  • Picture yourself enjoying the ride beforehand
  • Remind yourself that the roller-coaster is safe
  • Keep your eyes open during the ride
  • Scream!

Screaming actually helps reduce tension because it stops you from holding your breath, and keeping your eyes open can help reduce fear and the feeling of being nauseated. If you just want to dive right in, find the biggest, most intimidating coaster in the park – once you ride that, every other ride will be a walk in the park!

When you’re ready to begin your roller coaster love affair, take a breather and remember that Tickets2You.com offers the best prices and a price match guarantee on all attraction tickets.

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