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8 Long Lost Universal Attractions

8 Long Lost Universal Attractions

It’s been almost 30 years since Universal Orlando Resort’s grand opening and a lot has changed over the years. Two new parks were added, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened, and many rides came and went. Keep reading to reminisce on some of the most iconic attractions that have been retired from the parks.

Twister…Ride it Out

Twister…Ride It Out gave guests the opportunity to step inside the 1996 film. Riders experienced all the action as storm chasers on the hunt for the next big tornado in a theater modeled after Wakita, Oklahoma. The special effects masterpiece blasted guests with realistic storm conditions like high-powered winds and destructive strikes of lighting. To make a lifelike tornado experience, the theater used 54 speakers that produced enough wattage to power FIVE homes! The sound system ran at around 110 decibels, which is as loud as a rock concert.

The attraction officially closed in 2015 to make way for the Race Through New York starring Jimmy Fallon ride. Longtime fans of the Twister experience took their final ride dressed as Helen Hunt or Bill Paxton. who starred in the original film and hosted the attraction.


Kongfrontation was one of three main attractions guests could enjoy on the opening day of Universal Studios Florida in 1990. Riders boarded a tram in a New York City subway station. However, the ride quickly rerouted to Roosevelt Island when Kong went on a rampage through Manhattan. During his attacks, the monster caught riders and held the tram over the city. Kong dropped the tram car when police helicopters started firing at him.

Kongfrontation closed in 2002 and was eventually replaced by The Revenge of the Mummy. Some Easter eggs of the original attraction are hidden in the Mummy, including:

  • Bananas painted on the wall
  • A 3-foot tall kong statue in the treasure room
  • A tourist dummy wearing a hat that says “Kong Rules.”

King Kong made his way back to the park when Skull Island: Reign of Kong opened in 2016.


The infamous Steven Spielberg film and the Universal Hollywood Studios Tour inspired Universal Orlando’s Jaws ride. It was also one of the primary opening day attractions at Universal Studios Florida in 1990. People typically remember Jaws as an iconic park fixture. However, the ride had constant issues when it originally opened. The elaborate special effects and features, which were innovative for their time, caused breakdowns daily for the first few months of operation.

After 22 years of operation, the nostalgic movie ride closed in 2012. In order to make room for the expansion of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, the entire Amity-themed area closed. Although Jaws is no longer there, you can still find several nods to the attraction throughout Diagon Alley.

Jimmy Neutron’s Nicktoon Blast

Jimmy Neutron’s Nicktoon Blast opened in Production Central at Universal Studios Florida in 2003. The simulator ride replaced The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera in the second quickest ride turn around in park history. The actual structure of the ride didn’t change much, so Jimmy Neutron’s Nicktoon Blast opened just five months later.

The attraction featured Jimmy, his best friend Carl, and his dog Goddard. The trio traveled through sound stages of popular Nicktoons like Spongebob Squarepants, The Fairly Oddparents, Hey Arnold!, and Rugrats. Guests boarded their own rocket ships to help Jimmy reclaim his newest rocket creation from his enemy, the evil Ooblar. The ultimate Nickelodeon ride closed in 2001 to make way for Despicable Me Minion Mayhem.

Dragon Challenge

Dragon Challenge, originally called Dueling Dragons, first opened at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in 1999. The thrill ride was actually two coasters in one, with each track offering a different experience. When the Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened in 2010, the Fire and Ice coaster got a whole new theme. Dragon Challenge was based on the Triwizard Tournament from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Riders could choose their dragon, either the Chinese Fireball or the Hungarian Horntail.

For a long time both ride tracks launched at the same time, creating three thrilling “near-miss” moments during the ride. After a few incidents and issues, Universal decided to stagger the launches of each side.

In 2017, Dragon Challenge permanently closed and was demolished. An all-new Harry Potter attraction, Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, replaced the thrill ride.

Disaster! A Major Motion Picture Ride…Starring YOU

One of the park’s opening day attractions was Earthquake. It was based on the Universal Hollywood Studio Tour and the 1974 disaster film with the same name. Earthquake closed in 2007 and was replaced almost two months later at Disaster! A Major Motion Picture Ride…Starring YOU. The original movie-based concept had become a little antiquated. To refresh the ride a little, it was given a new original concept that followed a similar storyline.

In addition to a new story, the ride’s makeover also included a new pre-show experience and new ride elements. The attraction focused on a fictional movie studio run by a man named Frank Kincaid. His studio was going bankrupt and he needed guests to be extras in a few key scenes including the final sequence.

Starting with the pre-show, guests were selected to participate in various scenes. Some scenarios included a child jumping from one spot to another, lab workers getting hit by styrofoam rocks, and a man in a pit. The actual ride takes guests through the “filming” of the movie’s major finale sequence. Riders boarded Bay Area Rapid Transit vehicles in a subway station and made their way to the Embarcadero subway station. When the vehicles arrived at their destination, the lights started flickering as an earthquake began.

Large cracks formed in the station platform and the roof collapsed in some places as a gas tanker fell and burst into flames. Then, another subway train entered the station and got derailed while a flash flood rushed down the stairs. After all the madness, guests returned to the West Oakland station to watch their scene in a disaster spoof film called “Mutha Nature.”

Disaster! closed in 2015 to make for the Fast & Furious – Supercharged attraction.

Back to the Future – The Ride

Universal’s Back to the Future themed simulator ride opened in 1991 at Universal Studios Florida. The attraction’s story was a continuation after the franchise’s third installment, in which the riders replaced Michael J. Fox as the story’s hero. Riders were “volunteers” for a time travel experiment led by Doc Brown at the Institute of Future Technology. The plan was for volunteers to travel just one day into the future. However, the infamous villain Biff Tannen trapped Doc in his office and stole the Delorean. He took the vehicle on a wild through the future, wreaking havoc at every turn as Doc begged the riders to help him get the Delorean back.

Back to the Future operated for 16 years before it closed in 2007. When Universal announced the closure, there were no official plans for a replacement attraction. Universal’s reason for closing the attraction was to “explore possibilities for future rides”. At the time, the two rumored concepts were based on the Fast and the Furious film franchise and The Simpsons. Eventually, The Simpsons ride opened in place of Back to the Future.

Doc Brown still roams the streets of Universal Studios, stopping for meet and greets with parkgoers.

Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Mash-Up

Universal’s Graveyard revue was a monster-filled musical spectacle. Beetlejuice, Dracula, Frankenstein, and several other creepy characters performed rock songs for the audience. The show opened in 1992, replacing An American Tale Theater. Originally titled “Beetlejuice’s Rock & Roll Graveyard Revue”, the lively musical changed a few times over the years. However, the original concept and the interaction between Beetlejuice and the audience remained in each version. The show came to an end in order to prepare for the addition of the Fast & Furious–Supercharged ride. The final date of the Beetlejuice show was in December 2015. However, high demand led Universal to extend the show until January 5, 2016.

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