• Tuesday, October 27, 2020
Small Ways to Save Big at Walt Disney World

Small Ways to Save Big at Walt Disney World

It’s no secret that trips to Orlando are not cheap. You might think it’s impossible to save enough to vacation at Walt Disney World, but there are a lot of simple ways to cut the costs while not cutting down your fun. No need to scrimp and frustrate yourself over strict budgets – just follow our easy suggestions and you’ll be enjoying the parks with your family sooner than you thought!

  1. Save on dining by bringing your own food and snacks. Avoid buying pricey sodas and stick to bottled water – it’s much better for keeping hydrated on a hot Orlando day. Also, don’t forget to pack your own bottled water to avoid paying for it at the park. The Disney Dining Plan is popular with tourists, but it doesn’t equal significant savings in the long run, especially if you decide to pack your own food.
  2. Unless you’re planning to park hop extensively, you can skip buying the Park Hopper pass. Most of the parks take at least a day, and usually more, to fully experience. They cost more money and can end up going to waste. It’s not recommended unless you’re only planning to stay for a couple of days and want to squeeze everything in.
  3. If you really want souvenirs, try to avoid purchasing them in the actual theme parks. You can usually find cheaper ones online or just stop at one of the many gift shops surrounding the Walt Disney World area for similar merchandise at better prices.
  4. If it’s possible for you, plan your vacation for the off-season to score discounted prices on most accommodations. Even the highest quality hotels generally offer off-season rates. Shop around and don’t forget to call the hotels you’re considering. Oftentimes, travelers can score better rates not advertised online just by speaking with an actual person at the hotel.
  5. If you’re looking for discounted tickets, visit Tickets2You.com for the guaranteed best rates on Walt Disney World tickets. No matter where you decide to make your purchase; however, avoid buying from ads you see on eBay or Craigslist as it’s difficult to filter out the scammers from legitimate sellers.

If you’d like more information about making the most of your Walt Disney World vacation, check out the other posts on our Tickets2You.com for the best savings and discounts on tickets for Orlando theme parks and attractions.

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