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The Star Wars Experience at Disney World

The Star Wars Experience at Disney World

On Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You!) there’s no better place to be than Walt Disney World. Although several experiences are currently unavailable, there are still ways to embrace the Force at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. From enjoying exclusive sweets and treats to transporting to another planet in Galaxy’s Edge, keep reading for all the Star Wars fun waiting for you at the park this year.


Rise of the Resistance

This epic battle ride blurs the lines of fantasy and reality, putting guests right into the middle of a conflict between the First Order and the Resistance. Riders are recruited to join Rey and Organa at a secret location. On the way, a First Order star destroyer captures the vehicle.

Millenium Falcon: Smugglers Run

Smugglers Run is a flight simulator ride that features three different secret mission scenarios to choose from:

  1. Hondo recruits you for a race on Corellia that he is SURE you won’t lose.
  2. Hondo sends you to the First Order Shipyard, potentially on a mission for the Resistance…
  3. You and your crew are on the quest to steal some cargo. However, it is guarded by a giant sleeping monster. While trying to complete the task, the monster wakes up.
Star Tours — The Adventure Continues

Star Tours is the longest-running Star Wars-themed attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The ride, located in Echo Lake, takes guests on a thrilling 3D flight through space in a Starspeeder 1000 led by C-3PO. During the journey, a series of mishaps and issues arise. One hurdle includes being intercepted by the Imperial First Order who is searching for a Rebel spy. In order to avoid capture, the wild ride will take you to the farthest limits of the galaxy. The flight simulator features digital 3D video, audio-animatronics, special effects, music, and character appearances from Kylo Ren, Boba Fett, Poe Dameron, Princess Leia, Jedi Master Yoda, and more. There are a few different scenarios, so you’re in for a new experience every time you ride!

Star Wars Photo Ops

Magic Shots locations around the park allow you to create your own awesome Star Wars-inspired souvenir photos. These photo ops allow you you to step inside a scene or pose with a recognizable prop from the film franchise. In front of Star Tours, there is a huge AT-AT Walker towering over and Ewok Village and a Speeder Bike between giant trees in the Forests of Endor in that area as well. Inside Star Wars Launch Bay, there is a recreation of the famous Mos Eisley Cantina that provides several unique photo opportunities. You can pose like an alien scoundrel (the typical cantina clientele), play holographic chess, hang by the bar with a glass of Blue Milk, or sit at a sabacc table.


Thanks to Galaxy’s Edge, there’s a whole slew of Star Wars-inspired dining options on Planet Batuu, including:

  • Docking Bay 7 Food & Cargo – Docking Bay 7 is the primary dining location in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge. The quick-service restaurant is a  “traveling diner for traveling diners” run by Chef Cookie Tuggs. Docking Bay 7’s menu features exotic breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes. Docking Bay 7 Food & Cargo has a wide range of allergy-friendly options as well.
  • Oga’s Cantina – A watering hole for guests of all ages, serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic specialty beverages
  • Ronto Roasters – A unique meat stall with a mechanical spit operated by a pitmaster droid. The quick service spot serves hearty wraps, delicious drinks, and more.
  • Milk Stand –  Home to Batuu’s famous milk drink. You can choose from a few different variations of the sweet beverage.
  • Kat Saka’s Kettle – At Kat Saka’s Kettle you’ll find a delicious sweet and savory popcorn mix that makes for the perfect treat. The colorful snack shop, run by a grain merchant named Kat Saka, displays grains from all over the galaxy.

Specialty Star Wars Sweets & Treats

For a limited time, you can enjoy a variety of Star Wars-inspired treats around Walt Disney World.

Disney Springs
  • The Child Mini Dome Cake: Vanilla chiffon cake with cookies and cream mousse. Available at Amorette’s Patisserie April 30-May 5.
  • Millennium Falcon Chocolate Pop: Milk chocolate pop with crispy pearls. Available at The Ganachery April 30-May 5.
Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Lightsaber Churros: Red or blue churro lightsabers served with chocolate sauce. Available at Churro Cart, Anaheim Produce, and Grand Avenue Cart May 4 & 5.
  • Galactic Swirl Funnel Cake: Black and white funnel cake with strawberries, space dust, and candy rocks. Available at Epic Eats May 4 & 5.
  • Oi-Oi Puff: Raspberry cream puff with passion fruit mousse. Available at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo May 4 & 5.
  • Dark Side Chocolate Creation: Malted milk chocolate mousse dome on a shortbread cookie with raspberry mousse and topped with slivered almonds. Available at The Trolley Car Cafe, PizzeRizzo, and Backlot Express May 4 & 5.
  • Cosmic Rum Punch: Coconut rum, rum, pineapple juice, Minute Maid Lemonade, and grenadine served with a glow cube. Available at Oasis Canteen, Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge, and Sunshine Day Bar May 4 & 5.
  • Jettison Juice: Minute Maid Lemonade and watermelon beverage syrup served with a glow cube. Available at Backlot Express, ABC Commissary, PizzeRizzo, and Rosie’s All-American Cafe May 4 & 5.
  • Darth Vader Stein: Served with a fountain drink. Available at all locations May 4 & 5.
Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort
  • Millennium Falcon Star Wars Soft Serve Sundae: Galactic gray vanilla soft-serve with chocolate cream cookie crumbles, chocolate drizzle, white chocolate pearl stars, brownie asteroid pieces with stardust sprinkles, and a Millenium Falcon chocolate accent. Available at Pineapple Lanai May 2-5.


In Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, there are several shops and markets scattered across Black Spire Outpost:

  • Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities – A den filled with crates, boxes, and shelves of thoughtfully curated unique artifacts.
  • Savi’s Workshop – At Savi’s Workshop, you can create your own personalized lightsaber to carry with you during your travels on Planet Batuu. 
  • Droid Depot – At the Droid Depot you can create and customize your very own droid.
  • Black Spire Outfitters –  The go-to apparel and accessories shop in Black Spire Outpost. This is where you should for clothes that will help you blend in with the locals.
  • Creature Stall – At the Creature Stall, you will find cages and crates filled with rare species from all across the galaxy.
  • Toydarian Toymaker – The eccentric workshop sells collectibles and handcrafted toys created by Zabaka the Toydarian
  • First Order Cargo – Stop by the shop to support the First Order or shop for gear and other products.
  • Resistance Supply – A makeshift shop/secret post in the forest near the ancient ruins.
Tatooine Traders

Tatooine Traders, located near Echo Lake at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, is a one stop shop for rare Star Wars memorabilia like action figures, gadgets, LEGO kits, apparel, books and more. You can also take home a personalized souvenir by building your own droid or lightsaber.

Launch Bay Cargo

For more Star Wars shopping at Hollywood Studios, check out Launch Bay Cargo. This shop specializes in all things Star Wars. You’ll find everything from life-sized sculptures and movie prop replicas to autographed memorabilia and print-your-own personalized Star Wars phone cases.

Star Wars Galactic Outpost

On the West Side of Disney Springs, you’ll find the Star Wars Galactic Outpost. This store features merchandise inspired by the iconic film series. Take home everything from apparel and accessories, art, collectibles, toys, and more!

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