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Summer Adventures at SeaWorld & Busch Gardens

Summer Adventures at SeaWorld & Busch Gardens

Most kids start counting down to summer vacation on the first day of school. For Parents, it’s not always as exciting. The break from school also brings the challenges of finding child care while you’re at work or making sure your kid doesn’t spend the whole summer in front of the television, erasing everything they learned at school during the year. SeaWorld Orlando and Busch Gardens Tampa are offering a solution to all of those problems with their summer Adventure Camp programs. These camps are equal parts educational and entertaining, allowing campers to get up close to the animals, learn how to protect and conserve, and enjoy all the attractions the parks have to offer.

SeaWorld‘s week-long day camps are offered for kids . All camps are a week long, starting on Mondays and ending on Friday. The summer camp program run all summer starting June 4 and ending the week of August 4. The Pre-k  Camp Seafari is also a week long, from Monday to Friday, but is a half-day camp starting at 9 am and ending at 12 pm each day. Camp Seafari requires an adult to accompany each child. The cost of one child and their adult accompaniment is $275 for the week and includes a t-shirt and water bottle, snacks, and take-home crafts in addition to the animal encounters and other fun activities in the park. For kids between kindergarten and eighth grade day camps are full all day, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The cost of their camps includes their Adventure Camp t-shirt and water bottle, lunch and snacks, crafts, up-close animal encounters and access to the park’s attractions.

  • Kindergarten & First Grade Camps teach kids all about animals with fun activities and crafts
    • Do You Sea What I Sea?
    • Sea Hideaway
    • Secrets of the Sea
  • Second & Third Grade Camps focus on the habitats and lifestyles of animals from all over the world.
    • Animal Addresses
    • Ocean Odyssey
    • What’s For Lunch?
  • Fourth & Fifth Grade Camps show campers the ins-and-outs of training and caring for the marine life at SeaWorld.
    • Animal Antics
    • Feeding Frenzy
    • Walk on the Wild Side
  • Sixth – Eighth Grade Camps expose kids to an in depth look into marine biology
    • Wild Careers
    • Marine Biology 101
    • Animal Sciences

While SeaWorld’s camps offer an up-close look at all things under the sea, Busch Gardens Tampa’s summer programs teach kids about land animals from all over the world. Campers from kindergarten to 8th grade can choose from several different week-long and three-day camps. The three-day mini camps run Wednesday-Friday beginning at 8 a.m. and ending at 3:00 p.m., while the week-long programs are Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. til 3:00 p.m. All of Busch Gardens’ Day camps include daily lunch and snacks, an Adventure Camp t-shirt and water bottle, a complimentary photo, and admission to the park.  Unlike SeaWorld’s camps, each of these vary slightly in cost and length, with some of the camps including trips to SeaWorld, Adventure Island, and Aquatica in addition to the campers’ time at Busch Gardens.

  • Kindergarten – First Grade Camps
    • Troopers Mini Camp
    • Animal Investigators
    • Jungle Jammers (NEW)
  • First & Second Grade Camps
    • Troopers Mini Camp
    • Wild Wonders (NEW)
    • Nature’s Navigators
    • Planet Patrollers
  • Third & Fourth Grade Camps
    • Trekkers Mini Camp
    • Zoo-per Stars (NEW)
    • Eco-Heroes
    • BioBuddies
    • Zoo Chefs
  • Fifth & Sixth Grade Camps 
    • Voyagers Mini Camp
    • Adventure Apprentices
    • Splash Seekers
    • Explorers
  • Seventh & Eighth Grade Camps 
    • Trailblazers Mini Camp
    • Adventure Champs (NEW)
    • Junior Zookeepers
    • SEA Trekkers

High Schoolers who are beyond camper age but would still love to spend their summer at Busch Gardens can apply for the Counselor-in-Training program. After completing the specialized orientation, students get to work alongside camp counselors during the week-long day camps. In addition to enjoying all the fun of spending the summer at Busch Gardens, CITs can gain valuable leadership experience that may be helpful in their post-high school pursuits. Middle, High school, and even College aged kids looking for an even more immersive summer camp experience can attend week-long resident camps at both SeaWorld and Busch Gardens. The cost of these camps includes lodging, meals and snacks, equipment and materials, and an Adventure Camp t-shirt and water bottle. Campers who are traveling from other states to spend the week at a resident camp can make arrangements to be taken to and from the airport when they reserve their spot in the program.

Aftercare is available for all day camps, for an additional cost. Just interested in visiting these parks for a day? Get your discount SeaWorld and Busch Gardens tickets on blog.tickets2you.com!

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