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The Healthy Eating Guide to Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park

The Healthy Eating Guide to Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park

Are you planning your Orlando vacation with healthy eating in mind? Although many of us expect to indulge on theme park food at least once while in Orlando, there are also tons of restaurants and food carts that offer healthy options to choose from. The worst is when you’re dying for a nap at 2pm in the middle of Walt Disney World after eating a whole funnel cake… or is that just us? Regardless, here are our top healthy picks that you’ll find at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park!

Main Street U.S.A.

The Plaza Restaurant

  • A variety of healthier eats are offered at The Plaza Restaurant and include the vegetable burger with your choice of toppings served with a side of broccoli slaw. You can also opt for the vegetarian sandwich, topped with fresh mozzarella, hummus, basil pesto, cucumber, roasted red pepper, tomato and lettuce. The no sugar added ice cream shakes are a must-try for dessert! Choose from vanilla-chocolate swirl or butter pecan.


Cosmic Ray Starlight Cafe

  • Although the cheeseburgers and hot dogs are tempting to eat, the Cosmic Ray Starlight Cafe offers a few healthier options, like the vegetable burger with green beans, or the Greek salad with Chicken. You can skip dessert or opt for the Greek yogurt or even a hot coffee or tea!


Be Our Guest Restaurant

  • For breakfast, the Be Our Guest restaurant offers a Scrambled Egg Whites dish that features scrambled egg whites with roasted tomatoes, chicken apple sausage, and fresh fruit, which is the healthiest option on the breakfast menu when compared to their croissant donuts or their open-faced bacon and egg sandwich.
  • The quinoa salad on the lunch menu is another lighter meal that features quinoa salad with green beans, potatoes, olives, roasted bell peppers, golden beets and tomatoes. Opt for the no sugar added lemon-raspberry cream puff for dessert to top off your meal!
  • For dinner, go with the layered ratatouille, which features baked zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, tomatoes and caramelized onions layered on quinoa with a bell pepper sauce.

Cheshire Cafe

  • Avoid the muffins and cereal, and order fresh fruit if you’re looking for something to snack on. This quick service stop also offers hot coffee and tea if you’re looking for a pick-me-up!

Cinderella’s Royal Table

  • This popular restaurant offers a “healthy choice” breakfast made with a hard-poached egg on a bed of arugula, tossed with quinoa, avocado, and roasted vegetables with lemon oil and white balsamic vinegar; order this instead of the caramel apple-stuffed french toast!
  • Cinderella’s Royal Table also offers a “Chef’s fish of the day” for lunch or dinner; pair that with the no sugar added lemon sorbet garnished with blueberries for a delicious ending!

Prince Eric’s Village Market

  • Aside from it’s delicious and tempting turkey leg, Prince Eric’s offers a variety of snacks that are tasty and more on the healthy side. Choose from a range of snacks including apple slices, pineapple cups, mixed fruit, grapes, whole fruit like bananas & oranges, hummus & chips, and snack pack tomatoes.

Liberty Square

Columbia Harbour House

  • A great quick service spot in Liberty Square, the Columbia Harbour House offers the Lighthouse Sandwich topped with hummus, tomato and broccoli slaw on toasted bread, served with potato chips. They also offer a grilled salmon dish paired with couscous and a corn cobbette, and a broccoli peppercorn salad tossed with veggies, chicken, broccoli, Parmesan and peppercorn dressing.
  • If you’re looking for something small, Columbia Harbour House also offers a few healthier sides including vegetarian chili, corn cobbettes, and steamed broccoli.

Liberty Tree Tavern

  • The Vegetarian Proclamation sandwich has an awesome name, and features ingredients like roasted seasonal veggies, fresh greens, tomatoes, and a tangy vegan mayo paired with fresh fruit or sweet potato fries. For dessert, enjoy a seasonal no sugar added sorbet.


Tortuga Tavern

  • Barbecue is on the menu at Tortuga Tavern, but if you’re looking for something lighter, try the roasted corn and vegetable salad topped with red wine vinaigrette. You can have it served with beef brisket or chicken for an extra $2.

There’s no reason you can’t eat healthy meals while simultaneously enjoying Disney’s Magic Kingdom! Check out our guide to eating healthy at Epcot so you can find healthy meals and plan the ultimate (and healthy!) Disney vacation!

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