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The Best (and Least Crowded!) Times to Visit Walt Disney World in 2016

The Best (and Least Crowded!) Times to Visit Walt Disney World in 2016

Are you planning on taking a trip to Walt Disney World in 2016 but afraid you might run into huge crowds? If you want to spend more time enjoying the rides and attractions and less time standing in lines, knowing when the best and least crowded times to visit can make your trip worthwhile.

Between Holidays

One tip that can be easy to keep in mind if you forget everything else is that some of the best times to visit Walt Disney World are between holidays:

  • After Thanksgiving, and before the week of Christmas & New Years
  • After New Years and before Valentines Day
  • Before & after Spring Break, which typically occurs between March and May
  • After Labor Day and before the last week of October (Halloween)


Although it’s that time of year where school is just around the corner (if not already in session!), August is actually one of the best times to visit Walt Disney World. Summer is the most busy time to visit, but if you can wait until the middle and towards the end of August, you can still enjoy the warm summer and long nights with the extra hours at the park. The only difference is will be the smaller crowds!


While many people are focusing on back-to-school, others are focused on their trip to Disney! If you can travel in September, the weeks after Labor Day are the perfect time to schedule a trip. You’ll find lighter crowds and shorter lines following the holiday weekend. Keep in mind that the popular International Food & Wine Festival typically begins the 2nd or 3rd week of September, so you’ll see larger crowds at Epcot during that time.


The month of November is generally pretty tame with the exception of Thanksgiving week, when many families have the opportunity to spend a few of their days off at “the most magical place on earth!” The weeks leading up to the Thanksgiving week will offer smaller crowds and shorter lines.


The time during Winter break it generally more busy, but there is a small chance that families will be taking a vacation the two weeks before winter break actually begins. The weather starts to cool down during this time, and the first two weeks of December is one of the best times to go. Although Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom will be crowded, you can still enjoy the parks when they aren’t extremely packed.


Of course, weekends are always busier than weekdays, and special events bring in higher attendance, but if you plan it just right, you can check out Walt Disney World when the parks are least crowded. During the weekdays, hotels generally offer lower rates, and you won’t be stuck in long lines and huge crowds during that time.

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