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The Thrillseekers’ Guide to Busch Gardens Tampa

The Thrillseekers’ Guide to Busch Gardens Tampa

Busch Gardens Tampa would be an unbeatable first stop on a thrillseeker’s guide to the roller coasters in Central Florida due to its loaded roster of exciting attractions. Recently called “an adrenaline junkie’s paradise”, the park boasts more than 8 combined miles of roller coaster track. The 335 acre park, which opened in 1959, is unlike any other travel destination in the area in that it is part zoo, which is home to more than 12,000 animals and part amusement park with a whopping 18 rides. In order to maximize your thrill time, here are the rides any daredevil should run to first.

  1. SheiKra is a 3,188 foot long coaster, infamous for its 90 degree drop from 200 feet. The nation’s first dive coaster travels at 70 mph and lasts 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Riders must be at least 54 inches tall for this attraction.
  2. Montu, the park’s only suspended coaster, was the tallest ride in the park when it opened in 1996. Montu’s largest drop hurls riders down 128 feet at 65 miles per hour. The 3 minute ride consists of 7 inversions throughout the 3,983 track. Minimum height requirement is  54″.
  3. Kumba is one of the longest and fastest rides in the park, taking riders along the 3,978 foot long track at 60 miles per hour. The 2:54 coaster features 7 inversions and drops from 135 feet in the air. The minimum rider height is 54″.
  4. Tigris is Busch Gardens’ newest thrill. Florida’s tallest and fastest launch coaster is a breathtaking ride of loops, twists, and drops. Reaching top speeds of 60 miles per hour, the coaster runs through a series of backward and forward motions along the 1,800-foot track. This innovative roller coaster is inspired by the world’s most powerful cat–the tiger.  
  5. Cheetah Hunt feels like the fastest ride because it immediately launches riders onto the track instead of building up anticipation with a slow crawl up a steep incline, but the ride only reaches top speeds of 60 miles per hour. However, it is the longest ride in the park with a track that is 4,429 feet long, featuring one inversion and several banking turns. Riders have to be at least 48″ tall.
  6. Scorpion is the park’s oldest roller coaster, which opened in 1980. The 60 foot tall coaster is a good choice for beginner thrillseekers, because it only features one inversion and tops out at 41 miles per hour. The highest drop is from 45 feet, and the total ride time is 1 minute and 30 seconds. Minimum height requirement is 42″.
  7. Cobra’s Curse is not the tallest or the fastest ride on the list, but makes the cut because of its unique spinning cars and shocking twists and turns. Riders who are 42″ or taller will endure 3:30 of unexpected jolts and surges at 40 miles per hour. The 2100 foot-long track stands 65 feet in the air.

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UPDATED 10/8/20

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