• Wednesday, September 23, 2020
10 Little-Known Facts About Universal Orlando

10 Little-Known Facts About Universal Orlando

Many theme park enthusiasts consider themselves the unofficial experts on their favorite parks. Whether you’re a self-appointed tour guide during trips to Universal or you’re just continually collecting obscure information for potential trivia showdowns, here are 10 things about Universal Orlando that you may not know…

  1. Rip Ride Rock-It‘s track features 3 different world’s-first maneuvers; the Double Take, which is the world’s largest non-inverted loop, the Jump Cut, the ride’s spiraling negative gravity maneuver, and the Treble Clef, which is the portion of the track that was built into the shape of a treble clef. The idea to include the music note shape within the track was originally sketched on a paper napkin.
  2. In Diagon Alley, the former home of Universal’s Jaws attraction, there are several nods to the now-closed ride. In the record shop, there is a record by The Quint Trio on display, “Here’s to Swimmin’ With Bowlegged Women”. There are also telescopes in Wiseacres Joke Shop that are being made from old boats from Jaws, and there’s a set of shark jaws in the window of the Apothecary Shop.
  3. On slower days in the park there are several opportunities for special access tours, such as a backstage tour of The Hard Rock or a tour of the Hogwarts Castle. You can also ask for a tour of the Immigration Room at Men in Black, and you may even get to skip the line and hop right on the ride afterwards!
  4. Duff Beer is brewed exclusively for Universal Orlando by Florida Beer Company. Homer Simpson’s favorite beverage is brewed in three styles; Duff, an American amber lager, Duff Lite, a traditional pilsner, and Duff Dry, which is a dark ale.
  5. There is an actual piece of the Berlin Wall outside of The Hard Rock Cafe, on the walkway that leads to Blue Man Group. The iconic artifact sits outside the cafe as a nod to the history shared between rock’n’roll music and the fall of communism in the 80s.
  6. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Islands of Adventure is the only place where you can actually see the founders of Hogwarts, they’ve never appeared in any of the franchise films.
  7. The E.T. Adventure is the only ride from Universal’s opening day in 1990 that is still operating today. The other original attractions include Jaws, now the site of Diagon Alley, Earthquake, which will reopen as Fast & Furious: Supercharged next year, and Kongfrontation, which reopened as Revenge Of The Mummy: The Ride in 2004.
  8. The Aquos Theatre, home of the Blue Man Group, is the former site of Nickelodeon Studios. There are still traces of green slime on the bathroom floors inside the theatre.
  9. The Jurassic Park ride cost $110 million to build, which is double amount it cost to make the film that inspired the attraction. Here’s a  bonus Jurassic Park fact: the 85-foot plunge at the end of the ride is the longest water descent ever built.
  10. Shrek 4-D is the first attraction to ever involve a film’s original cast and creative team in producing an attraction based on an animated film.

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