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  • Sunday, August 9, 2020
Your Guide to Pokemon GO at Orlando’s Theme Parks

Your Guide to Pokemon GO at Orlando’s Theme Parks

What began as an April Fools joke has turned into one of the biggest crazes around the globe. Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm as one of of the most popular apps of all time, surpassing Twitter in number of daily users; that’s over 65 million American users alone. If you’re unfamiliar with the app, the premise takes gamers to the streets in an augmented reality game where players capture creatures around the real world called Pokemon and battle against each other to become the very best Pokemon Trainer in the world. In more populated areas, landmarks and locations have become hot spots for catching Pokemon with crowds of people checking their app for nearby Pokemon to catch. Theme parks in Orlando are even getting in on the craze by hosting Pokemon events and meetups, and putting down Pokemon lures that essentially lure in Pokemon for people around the lure to catch. If you’re a “Pokemon Go-er” and are headed to Orlando’s theme parks, here is a quick Pokemon Go guide and a few things to know about catching them all!

Quick Guide to Pokemon Go

How to Catch Pokemon

As you walk around the real world, your phone will buzz when a Pokemon is nearby. More populated areas typically have more Pokemon to catch, and as you move throughout the world you can come across different varieties of the creatures. Make sure to always be aware of your surroundings and don’t keep your eyes constantly glued to your phone! Once you find a Pokemon, tap it, wait for the inner circle to be at its smallest, and flick your Pokeball at the Pokemon to catch it!

What are PokeStops?

PokeStops can be located near you and often include landmarks, monuments, historical landmarks and more. You can find them indicated on your map as a blue icon that transforms into a Pokeball when you get close enough to interact with it. Spin the disk and you’ll receive a handful of various items like Pokeballs, potions, eggs and more. The blue icon will turn purple after you’ve collected your items and will reset every 5 minutes or so.

What are Lures and Incense?

Lure Modules attract Pokemon to a PokeStop for 30 minutes, allowing anyone nearby to take advantage of catching more Pokemon that may be hiding nearby. Incense work similar to lures, but in this case Pokemon are lured just to where you are, and only you can catch the Pokemon lured to you.

What do I do with Pokemon Eggs?

Eggs can hatch into a random Pokemon, but to hatch them you’ll have to walk around for the indicated distance listed on the egg. Once you place your egg into an incubator, the Pokemon Go app will track how far you’ve walked, and once you’ve traveled the distance needed, your egg will hatch!

Pokemon Gyms

After you hit level 5 and you choose the red, blue or yellow team, you can interact with Pokemon Gyms, which are found in real-world locations, and battle other players or help defend the gym from players of a different team.

Evolving Pokemon

In order to level up or evolve your Pokemon into the next species in their evolution chain, trainers must collect duplicates of the same Pokemon, which in turn gives you candy that you can use to evolve it. You can also transfer your duplicate Pokemon to Professor Willow, which will give you one candy for the exchange. Candies (and stardust, which you collect after catching Pokemon) can also be used to level up your Pokemon.

Top Spots for Pokemon and PokeStops

International Drive

If you’re a passenger in the car and you’re headed towards International Drive near the theme parks, you’ll find at least two dozen PokeStops that you can reach from your car. Pokemon are also plentiful to catch along the way, just make sure you’re not the driver when scouring the area!

Walt Disney World

Thanks to the huge popularity of Walt Disney World parks, you’ll find many gyms and Pokestops in all four Disney theme parks throughout its numerous iconic rides and attractions. You’ll find that generous Pokemon Go-ers have dropped lures at many of the parks’ Pokestops to give other guests the opportunity to catch Pokemon, which the parks are definitely not short on. Disney Springs also has several Pokestops, but keep in mind they were created before major changes transformed the area. Some stops may also be located within a ride, so unless you are in queue, or if the ride requires you to NOT have a cell phone out, we wouldn’t recommend trying to catch a Pokemon or grabbing a PokeStop there.

Universal Orlando

Like Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando offers many stops and gyms for players to build up their skills and add to their Pokedex. As you’re walking through CityWalk, make sure to have your app open for Pokestops. You’ll find one gym at the Hogwarts Express in Islands of Adventure, and 3 gyms at Universal Studios Florida – the Universal Globe, the dragon in Diagon Alley, and at the KidZone. Some Pokestops may be located in construction zones, and Pokemon may be hiding in restricted areas – if this is the case, we do not advise trying to access that area!

SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando is home to Pokemon of all types, but it’s no surprise that you’ll likely come across more water-type Pokemon than others. Head to Manta and battle it out with your best Pokemon at the gym, and wander the park to hit the Pokestops along the way. SeaWorld has already hosted their first Pokemon Go lure event where pass holders were given early access to the park for a less-crowded Pokemon Go experience. With just around 50 Pokestops and lure modules set out by the park, guests were able to find all type of Pokemon, common and rare.

Fun Spot America

Fun Spot has also enticed guests to stop by the park by dropping lure modules and hosted an all-day Pokemon Go Meet Up event for guests to catch them all. Fun Spot features 8 PokeStops and one gym over at the SkyCoaster.


With the popularity of the app, LEGOLAND Florida even went as far as to create guidelines for guests to safely play Pokemon Go in the park. Some guidelines listed include that guests must stay within guest areas and must not attempt to reach employee-only areas to catch Pokemon, guests must not risk their safety and the safety of others by playing on their phone throughout the duration of a ride, and guests should always be aware of their surroundings by making sure not to bump into LEGO models! Playing Pokemon Go at LEGOLAND certainly isn’t discouraged but guests should be mindful of their safety and others when catching Pokemon in any park.

If you’ve invested your time into Pokemon Go and are headed to Orlando for vacation, take advantage of catching them all at Central Florida’s most popular theme parks! Shop discount theme park tickets today at and plan your Orlando vacation today.

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