• Friday, October 15, 2021

Lego Marvel Super Heroes prepare for battle

Recently, we have really gotten into Legos at the Tickets2You office. So much so in fact, that we bought a couple of Marvel Super Hero Lego sets just to spark some friendly competition amongst Rebecca & I.  Now I would never admit to being an engineer, but the beat down I took completing this Lego set definitely had me reconsidering if I ever actually liked Legos in the first place. What I told myself: “In reality, my older brother was the Lego fan & I simply remember watching and helping him put together a new set each christmas.”

Without further delay, feel free to watch Rebecca beat me down in a race to complete the Lego set.


Now that the Lego sets are complete, we have taken to stop motion videos on vine. Right now we aren’t that great, but give us a few weeks and you can expect some full length stories to be portrayed via lego pieces & some lovely voice overs. For now, we will just give you a taste…

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Lego Marvel Super Heroes prepare for battle
Lego Marvel Super Heroes prepare for battle

Check out our video of the team building some awesome LEGO sets!

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