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  • Monday, June 1, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About SeaWorld’s Upgrade Options

SeaWorld Orlando is one of the most unique local theme park, offering both one-of-a-kind animal attractions and thrill rides. The park also offers a variety of ticket upgrades that are guaranteed to take your SeaWorld experience to the next level!

Express Park Entry + Preferred Parking

Cost: $59.99

The first upgrade opportunity comes before you’ve even entered the park. Valid for up to six ticketed guests and one car, the Express Park Entry + Preferred Parking pass allows you to get to all the fun as fast as possible with up-close parking and VIP entrance that majorly cuts down on your waiting in line time to get into the park. This ticket must be used on the day of its reservation, anytime between park open and 3:00 PM. You can redeem it at the Lighthouse Lobby (Zone D).


Up-Close Dining at Shamu Stadium

Cost: $29 per adult, $15 per child

With Up-Close Dining at Shamu Stadium, you’ll have the opportunity to hear the rescue storie of four pilot whales, learn what is so unique about killer whales, and find out how you can help save the ocean, all while dining on a delicious buffet with options like:

  • Seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Certified sustainable seafood
  • All natural grain fed beef
  • Open flame grilled free range chicken
  • 100% natural pork loin
  • Seasonal side dishes
  • Fresh breads baked daily
  • Signature desserts
  • Kids’ meal options

All-Day Dining Deal

Cost: $34.99 per adult, $19.99 per child

The All-Day Dining Deal is an easy and low-cost way to eat and drink during your time at SeaWorld. Available at most restaurants, adults can use their wristbands to redeem one entree, one side/dessert, and one regular sized non-alcoholic beverage per hour. Kids’ wristbands are eligible for one kids meal option per hour. The All-Day Dining Deal does not cover any souvenir items unless it is included with a kids meal. Participating Restaurants:

  • Voyager’s Smokehouse
  • Expedition Cafe
  • Seaport Pizza
  • Captain Pete’s Island Treats
  • The Spice Mill
  • Seafire Grill
  • Mango Joe’s
Rides & Shows

Seaworld Signature Show Seating

Cost: $14 per person

Signature Show Seating allows you to watch SeaWorld’s most popular shows from a reserved seating area one time each. This upgrade is not applicable to any seasonal shows or concerts. You must arrive 15 minutes prior to showtime to redeem your signature seating at the following shows:

  • One Ocean
  • Dolphin Days
  • Pets Ahoy
  • Sea Lion High

Most seasonal shows and events do actually have their own signature seating upgrades. Countdown to Halloween is $10 per person, while Praise Wave general seating is $20 per person and premium reserved seating is $35 per person.

Quick Queue Unlimited

Cost: $19 per person

With Quick Queue Unlimited, you can enjoy unlimited skip the line access to all of SeaWorld Orlando’s best thrills. Keep in mind, each ride’s height instructions still apply! Participating Rides:

  • Mako (min 54 in)
  • Manta (min 54 in)
  • Kraken Unleashed (min 54 in)
  • Antarctica: Empire of the Penguins
  • TurtleTrek
  • Journey to Atlantis (min 42 in; 42-48 in must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Wild Arctic (min 42 in)

Quick Queue Junior

Cost: $15 per person

For unlimited priority boarding to family-friendly rides, opt for the Quick Queue Junior upgrade. Participating rides:

  • Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin
  • TurtleTrek
  • Journey to Atlantis
  • Wild Arctic

Signature Show Seating + Quick Queue Unlimited:

Cost: $28 per person (all ages)

The Signature Show Seating + Quick Queue Unlimited upgrade allows you to explore the park VIP-style, with reserved seats at each SeaWorld show one time and unlimited front-of-line access to the most popular rides. Keep in mind that each ride’s height requirements still apply and you must arrive to each show 15 minutes before show time to be escorted to signature seating. This upgrade is valid for all of the same attractions as the individual Quick Queue Unlimited and Signature Show Seating options.

Animal Encounters

NEW! Animal Ambassadors Up Close Tour

Cost: $15 per person (all ages)

The newest addition to SeaWorld Orlando’s series of Up-Close Tours all about exotic and rescued animals. On the Animal Ambassadors Tour, keepers will tell the rescue tales of some of the animals and teach guests all about the unique critters before assisting in an awesome photo op.

Dolphin Encounter + Feeding

Cost: $20 per guest (all ages)

The Dolphin Encounter is a more interactive animal experience. After watching trainers take care of the graceful mammals, guests will have the opportunity to participate in a training session and even spend some time hand-feeding the dolphins. During the 3-5 minute one on one time with the dolphins, a photographer will be on hand to capture the moment in a one of a kind photo op. While this experience is available to everyone, guests whoa re 13 years old or younger must be accompanied by an adult.

For more information on SeaWorld Orlando’s animal encounters, read SeaWorld Orlando and other local attractions? Browse for all the latest!

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