• Friday, October 15, 2021

Another World’s Tallest & Largest Added to SkyPlex Plans on I-Drive

Since the announcement last year of SkyScraper, the worlds tallest roller coaster coming to Orlando, we have been clamoring for more information on what exactly the ride and aptly titled entertainment complex  SkyPlex will include. Well now we know just a little more of whats in store, another worlds tallest ride and a worlds largest restaurant will be highlighting the complexes offerings.

First for the exhilaration coming alongside the SkyScraper roller coaster, a  drop thrill ride called SkyFall will be incorporated into the design of the coaster. SkyFall riders will descend from 450 feet at about 90 mph. That will make it the worlds tallest drop ride, incidentally enough located on the same structure as the worlds tallest roller coaster. We will stop short of calling developer Joshua Wallack brilliant, but the idea is pretty much just that. Envision free falling at 90 miles per hour & seeing a roller coaster zoom by in front of you at the same time, talk about thrilling!

Additionally SkyPlex will include a 10,000-square-foot Perkins restaurant, the worlds largest Perkins which is quite possibly our favorite little bakery on I-Drive. A Perkins currently sits on the plot of land where SkyPlex is slated to begin construction sometime this year, that Perkins will be torn down & rebuilt in order to make way for the complex’s many other retail and restaurant offerings they have slated but yet to release.

View the SkyScraper roller coaster POV below:

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