• Sunday, September 27, 2020

The Thrillseekers’ Guide To Walt Disney World

Unlike some of the other theme parks in Central Florida, Walt Disney World is primarily focused on providing a family-friendly magical experience for guests of all ages to enjoy together. Although this makes finding rides that will cure your need for speed a little trickier, it’s not impossible. After all, it was Disney Imagineer Eddie Sotto who states that the formula for great thrill rides is “Fear minus death equals fun.” Scattered throughout the resort’s four parks are a few attractions that should help satisfy your adrenaline cravings.

Rock n’ Rollercoaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is the only rollercoaster with inversions at Disney World; there are three throughout the 1 minute 22-second ride. Riders travel along the 3,403-foot long track in a “stretch limo” driving at 57 miles per hour in order to get to the Aerosmith party on time.

Also at Hollywood Studios is The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, which is equally thrilling in both theme and design. The spooky attraction takes riders back to the Hollywood Tower Hotel in 1939. Guests boarding the hotel’s creaky old elevator will find themselves freefalling into the Twilight Zone when lightning strikes, snapping the elevator cables. Throughout the ride’s sequence of falling-and-rising, the attraction’s grand finale drop is a 39 mile per hour descend down 13 stories! Guests who want to brave this chilling ride must be at least 40″ tall.

Space Mountain, located in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom, has two separate tracks; Alpha and Omega. Both tracks are 60 feet tall and last for two and a half minutes, but the Alpha track is ten feet longer at 3,196 ft. Neither track has any inversions, but riders on both Alpha and Omega will experience 26-foot drops and sharp turns while racing through the dark at 28 miles per hour.

Expedition Everest is arguably Animal Kingdom’s most popular attraction. The ride’s track is 4,424 and features a peak height of 199.5 feet and an 80-foot drop. Lasting just under three minutes, the train ride reaches speeds up to 50 miles per hour. You must be at least 44 inches tall to board this wild expedition.

Mission: Space is Epcot’s NASA-inspired simulator that takes riders on a four-minute expedition through the solar system, led by actor Gary Sinise. Guests looking for the most authentic shuttle experience should join the Orange Team; their journey features four centrifuges and g-forces of 2.5g. Riders prone to motion sickness should travel with the Green Team, where they won’t experience any spinning. Regardless of which team you join, you must be at least 44 inches tall for this space mission.

You can also find Test Track at Epcot, which is a concept car test driving experience where riders play the part of crash dummies throughout the vehicle’s four tests: capability, efficiency, responsiveness, and power. Testing lasts for five minutes and includes fast accelerations up to 65 miles per hour, sharp turns, and sudden starting and stopping. Test drivers must be 40 inches or taller to ride.

Due to the popularity and limited selection of this style ride at Walt Disney World, you should always expect these attractions to have a longer wait time. You can plan ahead and schedule your FastPass reservations before you get to the parks at Disney World tickets and browse the other great deals on tickets2you.com!

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