• Friday, October 15, 2021

Taste Your Way Through Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

You can experience all the flavors of Animal Kingdom this winter with the return of the digital sampler card, now available for purchase!

The $50 digital cards allow you to taste food from various carts and kiosks around the park throughout the day. In addition to the $50 card, you will also get a $10 bonus card that is valid for select quick-service restaurants after 4:00 PM.

You can use the $50 card to purchase anything on the menu at the park’s outdoor dining locations. Menu items include some returning favorites from the Spring sampler as well as some that will only be available during the holiday season.


  • Curry Trio with Shrimp, Chicken, and Vegetable Curries (available at Kusafiri Bakery)
  • Coffee (available at Kusafiri Bakery)
  • Pastries (available at Kusafiri Bakery)
  • Popcorn (available at Mahindi)
  • Glazed Nuts (available at Mahindi)
  • Beer (available at Mahindi, Tamu Tamu Refreshments, and Dawa Bar)
  • Simba Sunset: Pineapple Dole Whip with watermelon and coconut syrup (available at Tamu Tamu Refreshments)
  • Simba Ice Cream Sandwich: Vanilla ice cream sandwich between two chocolate chip cookie with an icing tail and Simba face (available at Tamu Tamu Refreshments)
  • Pineapple Dole Whip Cup (available at Tamu Tamu Refreshments)
  • Ice Cream (available at Tamu Tamu Refreshments)
  • Specialty Beverages & Cocktails (available at Tamu Tamu Refreshments)
  • Fruit (available at Harambe Fruit Market)
  • Pretzels (available at Harambe Fruit Market)
  • Grilled Corn with African Spices (available at Harambe Fruit Market)


  • Ginger Slaw Dog (available at Caravan Road)
  • Char Siu Pork with Sticky Rice (available at Caravan Road)
  • Fried Chicken Dumplings (available at Mr. Kamal’s)
  • Kamal’s Fries with Dipping Sauce (available at Mr. Kamal’s)
  • Pretzels (available at Warung Outpost, Chakranadi, and Thirsty River Bar & Trek Snacks)
  • Chips (available at Warung Outpost and Drinkwallah)
  • Margaritas (available at Warung Outpost)
  • Frozen Beverages (available at Drinkwallah)
  • Nuts (available at Chakranadi)
  • Fountain Beverages (available at Chakranadi and Anadapur Ice Cream Treats)
  • Forbidden Mountain Cone (available at Anadapur Ice Cream Treats)
  • Ice Cream (available at Anandapur Ice Cream Treats, Thirsty River Bar & Trek Snacks, and at the snack cart near UP! A Great Bird Adventure)
  • Pumpkin Spice Pretzel (available at Thirsty River Bar & Trek Snacks)
  • Popcorn (available at Thirsty River Bar & Trek Snacks)
  • Cocktails & Beer (available at Thirsty River Bar & Trek Snacks)

DinoLand U.S.A.

  • Scrooge McDuck’s Billionaire Bacon Caramel Sundae (available at Dino-Bite Snacks)
  • Peppermint Ice Cream Sandwich (available at Dino-Bite Snacks)
  • Buffalo Chicken Chips (available at Trilo-Bites)
  • Peppermint Cookies and Cream Sundae (available at Trilo-Bites)
  • Bugs ‘n Grubs Cone: Chocolate soft-serve ice cream in a green cone with cookies and cream “dirt”, gummy worms, and a chocolate beetle (available at Trilo-Bites)
  • Chips & Queso (available at Dino Diner)
  • Chili Cheese Dog (available at Dino Diner)
  • Corn Chip Pie (available at Dino Diner)
  • Churros (available at Dino Diner)
  • Beer (available at Dino Diner)
  • Popcorn (available at Corn-ivores)
  • Bottled Beverages (available at Corn-ivores)

Discovery Island

  • Pulled Pork Jelly Donut Slider (available at Smiling Crocodile)
  • Pulled Pork Street Taco (available at Smiling Crocodile)
  • Tamale with Tomatillo Sauce, Red Chile Sauce, and a Jalapeno Cream Sauce (available at Smiling Crocodile)
  • Popcorn (available at Feeding Ground)
  • Frozen Lemonade (available at Feeding Ground)
  • Beer (available at Feeding Ground)
  • Macaroni and Cheese with Pulled Pork or Shrimp (available at Eight Spoon Cafe)
  • Pretzels (available at Eight Spoon Cafe)
  • Coffee (available at Isle of Java)
  • Pastries (available at Isle of Java)
  • Chocolate Donut Holes (available at Isle of Java)
  • All-Beef Hot Dogs (available at the snack cart near Tiffins)
  • Ice Cream (available at the snack cart near Tiffins)
  • Tomato and Cheese Pizza (available at Terra Treats)
  • Seasonal Specialty Pizza (available at Terra Treats)

Pandora – The World of Avatar

  • Pretzels (available at Pongu Pongu)
  • Pineapple Lumpia (available at Pongu Pongu)
  • Specialty Beverages (available at Pongu Pongu)
  • Chips (available at the beverage cart near Pongu Pongu)
  • Bottled Beverages (available at the beverage cart near Pongu Pongu)

Quick Service Restaurants (After 4 PM)

  • Restaurantosaurus (DinoLand U.S.A.)
  • Pizzafari & Pizzafari Family-Style Dining (Discovery Island)
  • Flame Tree Barbecue (Discovery Island)
  • Satu’li Canteen (Pandora – The World of Avatar)

In addition to the dining perks, each $50 card also includes 2 reserved seats to the second showing of Rivers of Light: We Are One on the day of your choice!

The digital value cards can be used at Disney’s Animal Kingdom at any time from December 22, 2019 through January 4, 2020. Purchase your sampler cards here and get Disney tickets at a great price from Tickets2You!

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